Ugly Shoe of the Week: Iron Fist

Sorry Iron Fist – we appreciate that your attempts to subvert shoe style are intended to be a little bit out-there, but sometimes the results can just be plain ugly, and there’s no merit in wearing a shoe that scares onlookers. Maybe they’d work for Halloween – but would you really want to spend £100 on a style that only comes into its own once a year?

Their latest monstrosities are these platform lace-up boots, covered with a horror-esque ‘vampire teeth’ and lips pattern. The pattern in itself is cool in its way, but it looks all kinds of wrong peppered all over a boot – particularly when it contrasts on a ‘cutesy’ loveheart print sole. It’s too much in one shoe, and is giving our editor a migraine.

If you think we’re just out of touch on this one, the boots can be yours for £99.99 from New Look.

What do you think?

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