Great excuses for buying new shoes

I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I see a pair of shoes I want to order as soon as I see them. Obviously it’s an occupational hazard here at Shoewawa, but I’m sure that anyone reading this will relate to the urge to grab a new pair of killer heels or cute sandals when your wardrobe is needing a bit of a kick. Or just because…

So, if you’re finding yourself in this particular modern-day dilemma and need a killer excuse for buying those shoes that you don’t strictly speaking need, here are a few great ways to justify your purchase.

1. I’ll never get them this cheaply again!

I’ll say one thing for this recession: it’s resulting in some seriously dramatic price reductions on some of my favourite items, shoes among them! If you’ve held out from buying a shoe that you’ve longed for over many months I’d say go for it – but don’t be wooed into buying one simply because it’s been heavily discounted.

2. My friend’s getting married

This is a cast-iron excuse that nobody can argue with: you really can’t rock up at a wedding with any part of your outfit looking ‘wrong’ – just think of all the photographs! On the other hand, you might be forced into some kind of ridiculous colour theme that may mean you won’t want to wear those shoes again: you know you’re never going to dye them afterwards and wear them to a party…

3. I need them for a party

This is almost as good an excuse as the wedding, and has the added appeal of not imposing a dress-code on your guilt-free shoe shopping spree. Of course, you should always do the sensible thing and check you haven’t got something suitable crying out for attention at the back of your wardrobe already, but if not, knock yourself out!

4. They’re limited edition

Lots of designer labels are teaming up with high street brands to offer short-run lines that cleverly tap in to our need to ‘get in before it’s gone’ on limited pieces. The good news here is that if it was an impulse buy you later regret, these ‘rare’ items have good resale value. And if you really do love the product you should get it, because it generally won’t last long… remember Jimmy Choo for H&M?

5. I need cheering up

We all have our views on retail therapy, and if you can honestly treat yourself just this once without breaking the bank, then a new pair of kicks is a great way to give your mood a bit of a boost.

6. I need them to match my new hair colour/nails/favourite outfit

Designers and shops have a sneaky habit of changing their colour palette around every season, so if you’re really desperate for an excuse to make a purchase, there will always be times when you need a specific colour to match your look. Milk it for all its worth!

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