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      In one of the week’s odder stories, word has reached us this week that high heeled shoes seem to have become standard issue for women in the military in North Korea. We can only assume this is a directive that’s come from the top, as who would choose to march for hours on end in these killer-drillers?

      Photos appeared earlier in the week showing that the heels – which appear to be at least two and a half inches high – have replaced the more familiar army boot. Some women seem have opted to wear gigantic wedges instead of the heels, but in either case, the footwear seems somewhat out of place for the battlefield. No wonder they look decidedly unhappy at the prospect!

      New York magazine was one of many publications to puzzle over the photographs, asking: “How much time do these women spend marching in heels? Do they have special techniques for dealing with blisters? Are their platform heels standard-issue?”

      At time of writing, these questions remain unknown…but I’ll leave you with this one thought: let’s hope that are not literal killer heels!

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