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      Queen of the sparkly bridal shoe, Aruna Seth has turned her talents to a slightly different brief: practical shoes for driving. The designer has applied her usual approach to the project, which she undertook for car rental firm, Zipcar. Let’s take a look at those beauties…

      Typically the most battered and featureless footwear pieces in our wardrobes, driving shoes have a drab reputation, but it doesn’t have to be that way: the stylish new Aruna Seth slippers are almost too good to limit to the driving seat, and feature her iconic butterfly motif made from twinkling Swarovski crystals.

      Check out the video below to see why Aruna thinks there’s no need to put the breaks on fashion when you get behind the wheel! And if you happen to be a Zipcar customer already, there’s a tempting little offer for your lurking at the end…

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