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Best insoles for walking boots

If you enjoy walking the last thing you want is heel or foot pain stopping you from doing the hobby that you love. Fortunately stopping your feet from hurting couldn’t be more easier with a good pair of orthotic insoles. Orthotic insoles are designed to correct the way that your feet function and provide support and protection to help treat and prevent many common foot and lower limb injuries such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners knee, jumpers knee as well as hip and lower back injuries. In this article we will be listing a number of the best insoles for walkers that you can wear to keep you on your feet and pain free!

List of the best insoles to buy for walking

1. FootReviver Arch Support Orthotic Insoles

These arch support insoles by NuovaHealth are ideal for walkers who might be suffering from foot and heel pain as a result of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the leading cause of foot and heel pain in adults and it is estimated at least one in ten people will suffer from this foot injury at least once. Plantar fasciitis is caused when the plantar fascia ligament that stretches across the arch of the foot becomes damaged and inflamed. This damage is usually caused by biomechanical and functional imbalances found in the foot. These insoles have been designed with the rigid orthotic arch support that will help to correct the way your foot functions as well as take the pressure and strain off your arches. If you find that these insoles are not for you then don't worry they come with a full 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you don't like them for whatever reason you can always send them back!

Pros: -Rigid arch support takes the strain off your plantar fascia helping to prevent and treat plantar fasciitis as well as other common overuse injuries. -Perfect for those with high arches and flat feet -Built from light weight durable carbon fiber -Breathable design keeps air flowing around your feet to keep them feeling fresh for longer on your walks. -Corrects gait problems such as over-pronation and supination that are linked to foot injuries. -The solid shell heel cup provides your heels with more stability and prevents the build-up of damaging pressure underneath them.

Cons: These insoles have a long break in period which means that it can take a
while for your feet to get used to the rigid arch support.

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  1. If you are looking for some good insoles then I would definitely suggest you check these out. I am an avid walker and I clock up a lot of miles, so I need some insoles that will keep my feet protected and supported as much as possible and will be long lasting so I am not having to keep on replacing them. Iv had the same pair of these insoles now for a few months and they are only just starting to show signs of wear so they are definitely long lasting! The support that they give my feet is second to none, when I have these insoles in my boots I don’t feel any strain whatsoever and they do a really good job at absorbing shock. I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS, THESE ARE AN ABSOLUTE MUST BUY!

  2. Perfect for my flat feet!
    I love walking but I also have flat which can lead to disaster if I am not careful. That is why I need some good insoles that will keep strain off my arches as much as possible. I have tried lots of different insoles over the years, some cheap and some very expensive but none seemed to help.. except for these ones! They have really do a good job at supporting my feet and I don’t have any problems with my flat feet anymore when I have these in my boots no matter how long I am walking for. These are a must buy if you have flat feet like me, trust me you wont regret it!

  3. I got the flattest feet ever so I suffer from really bad foot pain if I am on my feet for too long.. These insoles have really helped me as they give my feet that little bit of extra support and take the strain off my arches. Now I don’t have to worry about my feet hurting as much anymore 🙂 Love how they are so much cheaper than other brands such as Superfeet and Scholl with are 3x the price but were useless when I wore them.

2. FootReviver Running Insoles

These running insoles will help protect your feet from common overuse injuries that often blight walkers. They have an inbuilt metatarsal pad to better support the balls of your feet easing pressure and preventing ball of foot pain. They also come with an excellent heel cup that will hold your heel in place and protect it against shock and strain. These insoles are extremely comfortable to wear thanks to their memory foam top layer that will adapt as you walk easing pressure off your feet where you need it the most.

Pros: -Memory foam layer supports and protects your feet where you need it the most -Heel cups help to keep your heel stable preventing strain and damage causing heel pain and injury. -Made from EVA shock absorbing material that prevents shock from damaging your feet and lower limbs when you walk -Helps to restore balance in your feet and correct common gait issues that can lead to overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis - Features a built-in metatarsal pad for an enhanced ball of foot support.

Cons: Can be a little large for smaller shoes -Lacks sufficient arch support for treating plantar fasciitis.

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  1. Beats Superfeet! Before I got these I had some Superfeet insoles and they absolutely sucked and actually made my foot pain a lot worse by pushing them into all sorts of weird positions. Now I have these my feet feel a lot better. I really like the memory foam on these as it is really soft and supports my feet really well. These insoles are so much cheaper than Superfeet as well.. with them you are just paying a premium just have their brand name plastered on them (placebo effect maybe?).

3. FootRevivier Arch & Heel support Insoles

These insoles are a great choice for any walker wanting to better support and to protect their feet better. They are built to be super lightweight so they won't weight down your feet when you wear them, have been made from super shock absorbent materials and come with orthotic technologies such as built-in arch support and heel cup to keep strain and pressure off key parts of your feet.

Pros: -Good level of shock absorption -Built-in heel cups ensures that your heels are properly supported and protected against shock and pressure -Rigid arch support to help prevent and treat common walking injuries such as plantar fasciitis -Can be fitted inside just about any walking boots quickly and easily -Metatarsal pad helps to ease ball of foot pain -Made from durable materials.

Cons: -Not many sizes available.

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  1. As someone who does a lot of walking over the years, I have had just about every foot injury known to man. I have tried just about everything to try to ease my pain and have worn every single insole available.. the only thing to work was wearing these things. They are great the arch support is EXACTLY what my feet need. Since I have put these in my boots I have had no trouble at all with my feet and I’m so happy!

  2. I have been wearing these for a few weeks now so I thought id chip in and post what I like and didn’t like about these insoles…
    What I liked:
    -I have flat feet and usually if I go walking my feet will get really inflamed afterward but thanks to these insoles this is no longer a problem thanks to the rigid arch support.
    -I have really bad stability in my ankles and have twisted and sprained my ankles a number of times because of this but these insoles have a really good heel cup which holds my heel and ankle in place so fingers crossed I won’t be spraining my ankle anytime soon.
    -They are really lightweight to wear… I just hate insoles that are too bulky or to heavy to wear.
    -I can stand on hard surfaces for as long as I want and the insoles will stop pressure building up and hurting my feet.
    What I didn’t like:
    -To be honest, there aren’t many things wrong with these insoles but if I was going to be picky I would say that they do wear out fast if you wear them a lot..but this isn’t really a huge problem considering just how cheap they are.

4. Massaging Gel Insoles From NuovaHealth

Massaging gel insoles are an excellent choice for those suffering from tired aching feet. he massaging gel will help to ease foot and heel pain and will absorb shock protecting your feet and lower limbs. They work by adapting and molding to the exact contours of your feet as you walk easing pressure and strain in the areas that you need it the most.

Pros: -Molds to the shape of your feet to give you custom support and protection -Prevents the build-up of potentially damaging pressure underneath your feet by making sure that this pressure is spread evenly across your whole foot. -The massaging gel helps to ease foot and heel pain as you walk. -The shock-absorbing gel helps to keep your feet, and lower limbs protected. -Ideal people who suffer from shin splints and knee pain -Water resistant.

Cons: -Not much arch support!

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  1. Very comfortable but not for serious walkers.
    I didn’t like these gel insoles they were too soft for me and did not properly support my feet. They are good if you want a quick foot pain fix and don’t plan on walking miles in them… If you do a lot of walking get some with better support like the Footreviver insoles which I found were much better.

  2. They do make your shoes very comfortable and absorb a lot of shocks when you walk but they weren’t for me. These are very good at supporting your heel but if you suffer from ball of foot pain like me then the support around that area is not much at all. My advice would be to get some of the other insoles listed above which will support your whole foot instead of just your heel

  3. I must have really sensitive feet or something because even the slightest shock or jolt causes problems for me. I have really thick soled walking shoes but even they aren’t enough to stop shock from hurting my feet as my feet slap the ground. I tried everything to solve this but just when I was about to give up my friend bought me a pair of these insoles and they did the trick! Now I can walk without having to worry about my feet or legs aching because of the shock anymore.

5. Shock Absorbing Insoles From Footcaredirect

These shock absorbing insoles are ideal for reducing foot fatigue, aches, and pains. Built with special shock absorbing material these insoles will help to eliminate just about ll shock helping to protect not just your feet but also your lower limbs, hips and lower back. With a really good heel cup that will keep your heel stable and prevent twisting and movement that could otherwise damage your heel and ankle. These insoles have also been made to be super lightweight so they won't weight down your feet, plus they are extremely breathable helping to circulate fresh air around your feet to keep them dry and feeling fresh.

Pros: -These insoles offer the best shock absorption you can expect from a pair of off the shelf insoles. -The arch support is sufficient enough keeps strain off your arch preventing common overuse injuries -Heel cup improves stability in your heel and ankle preventing sprains and strains -Spreads pressure evenly across your whole foot -Ventilation holes keep your feet free of sweat and feeling fresher for longer.

Cons: -Can feel a little bulky inside narrow shoes.

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6. FootReviver All Purpose Insoles

These are a really good pair of all-purpose insoles that will help to correct the biomechanical balance in your feet and lower limbs and help to prevent and treat common injuries that so often afflict walkers.

Pros: -Corrects common gait problems such as over-pronation and supination -Protects your feet and lower limbs against shock -Metatarsal support pad helps ease metatarsalgia -Heel cup improves balance and stability and eases heel pain -Built from medical grade durable and shock resistant materials -Lightweight so they won't weight down your walking boots.

Cons: -Not the best arch support.

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  1. I’m always on the trail and I love it but all this walking has come at a cost… my feet are in real bad shape. Sick and tired of my feet hurting all the time I desperately searched for some good insoles to help. I finally found these and they have helped immeasurably now my feet don’t hurt anywhere near as much after a good trail. They have superb shock absorption and support my feet really well. If only I started wearing these before I started trailing… my feet would be in a lot better shape!

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