Fresh Foam Cruz v2 Sport

These new Fresh Foam Cruz v2 Sport running shoes from new balance are simply no good! I bought a pair from their website for £75 and I have been really disappointed in them. For starters, these shoes are really bad, you can literally feel every shock and jolt when you run giving you major foot pain afterward. The shoes also lack quality as they are really cheaply put together and I just cannot see them standing the test of time at all. The fitting of these shoes is also quite bad… despite buying the size I always buy these shoes are quite tight and cause my feet to rub against the sides. I’m sending my pair straight back!

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Written by shoewawa


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  1. I got the same pair and they are really good. Are you sure you bought them from a legit site? I know there are lots of counterfeit websites online which pretend to be new balance but arent?

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