Cheap vs. Chic: Aldo take on Givenchy

When I spotted Aldo’s ‘Guerette’ sandal (right) in their shop window this weekend, I knew I’d seen it somewhere before: somewhere very much like the Givenchy catwalk, in fact, as the shoes share a lot in common with a style seen in the designer brand’s A/W 09 collection.

Aldo’s ‘homage’ has some superficial design variations (i.e. more straps) than the original, but is as close to the look as you can get without being a straight copy. As I loved the Givenchy shoes, I decided to give Aldo’s version a try yesterday and was an instant fan: the shoes fit snugly and comfortably and have a pleasing ‘weight’ to them. So if you can’t afford Givenchy, this would be my tip for an on-trend alternative. Guerette at Aldo: £90.

What do you think?

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