I don’t know if there is such thing as the “best” plantar fasciitis insoles because everyone feet are different and require different things. I have tried so many different types of insoles and can tell you what insoles to not buy.
First on my list of insoles to avoid is Stride Insoles by Tread Labs, these insoles are really poorly quality when I bought a pair from amazon and started wearing them inside my running shoes they actually caused me more aches and pain and made my plantar fasciitis worse! The arch support on these insoles is an absolute joke because it is simply non existent, which is really bad especially if you have plantar fasciitis because arch support is really important.
Next on my list of insoles to avoid are Superfeet insoles. I tried the Superfeet green ones because I read somewhere that have the best arch support and are good for running in. Turns out Superfeet insoles are a total con. The insoles were not rigid at all, the arch support just pushed my feet into an awkward and painful position and they are really bulky making them impossible to fit inside running shoes without making the running shoes extremely tight (which in itself can cause foot problems and injuries).
You should also avoid the scholl and dr scholl insoles. These are real junk insoles that do not support your feet and are made on the cheap. Literally all you get is a floppy piece of plastic with a few holes and bumps in them. These insoles did not help one bit with my plantar fasciitis and after wearing them for 2 weeks I just had to take them out of my shoes because they just didn’t feel comfortable at all.
I have also tried footactive insoles as well. These insoles were a bit cheaper than the other ones (at this point I was very tight on cash after wasting so much on the other insoles). Yet again these insoles did not help either. The arch support was too much, the insoles also said that they absorb shock but this was a lie because when running in them I could feel every little shock attack my feet.
Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet especially when looking for insoles my advise to you would not get tricked by amazon affiliate scammers. There seems to be a lot of spam website on google if you search for “best plantar fasciitis insoles” all created by the same guy “reviewing ” the same cruddy insoles over and over again. Don’t believe anything you read on these sites because they are just lying to you, saying anything to get you to click their amazon affiliate link and buy from amazon… because then they get paid!
For the time being I have actually given up trying to find a good pair of insoles because non have seen to work for me. Hopefully though you will have better luck than me.