There are lots of really comfy shoes that will be perfect for being on your feet all day and for the hospital environment.

Here are 6 very different shoes that might help you:

1. Sketchers women’s work shoes

These shoes are have been designed to be extremely comfy to wear. They have a memory foam insole and shock absorbing sole to help protect your feet from day to day shocks. These shoes have also been made to stop pressure from building up underneath your soles that can often occur when you are on your feet for long periods.
These sketchers have also been have been designed to be slip resistant which makes them perfect for slippery hospital floors. These shoes have been made from stain resistant protective leather so you dont need to worry about stains wrecking your shoes. Because sketchers is such a well known make you know that they are going to be quality shoes and not some cheap garbage.

2. Danskos proffesional womens clog shoes

Dankso is a really well known make when it comes to comfy work shoes. Although these shoes are extremely ugly they will protect your feet and will support your them in the correct position helping to stop foot pain and injuries no matter how long your shift is at the hospital.
These shoes are really sturdy and will help to stabilize your foot and ankle and because they have really good traction you there is very little chance of you slipping and spraining your ankle in these shoes. These shoes have been costed with a spill resistant coating which means no more stains!
These are the perfect nursing shoes.. just a shame about the extremely ugly design.

3. Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Pewter Clog

third on my list of best shoes are the Timberland clog shoes, which are perfect if you are on your feet constantly. The feature Timberlands patented anti foot fatigue technology that help to stop your feet from aching and getting tired by providing your feet with shock absorption as well as really good support where you need it most. Theses shoes also have really good traction and will not slip even on the wettest of floors.

4. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Next on my list are the are a pair of Keli professional slip resistant shoes from Alegria. These shoes are by far the most stylish nurse shoes you are going to find. They are available in literally tons of different colours and designs. Plus these shoes have really good traction on the soles to prevent you from slipping and have a really big toe box, which will help stop your toes from bunching together and causing things such as hammer toes and other nasty toe and ball of foot problems. What’s best about these shoes is that they are super light weight o wear unlike so many other big clumsy work shoes on the market.

5. Womens mercy croc work shoes

if Crocs are your thing then these mercy croc work shoes might be for you. These shoes use crocs patented croclite material thus making them odour resistant, slip resistant, soft and light weight, perfect for nurses if you ask me! What’s more these shoes have excellent arch support helping to realign your feet in the correct position and take off strain on your feet.. which comes in really handy for long drawn out shifts.

6. Sketchers sneakers Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

If you like sneakers then I would suggest that you go for these sketchers slip on sneakers. They have been made to be extremely breathable to help regulate the temperature of your feet keeping you feet dry and feeling fresh. The rubber soles of these sneakers really help top minimize shock to your feet and provide the right amount of support that they need to get through a long day on your feet. What I love about these sneakers as that they are lot more stylish than all of the other shoes mentioned above as they do not look like 90 year old granny orthopedic shoes!

Buy some insoles!

I would also suggest that you invest in a pair of good orthotic insoles as well, insoles will help to to stop your feet from aching by taking strain off your arch, preventing the build up of pressure underneath your heel and correcting the pronation of your feet.

Where to buy?

Also I would suggest if you are looking on amazon to buy nursing shoes then I wouldn’t if I was you. Buying from amazon is the worst place to buy shoes from because there are so many fakes and scammers on amazon nowadays. I have lost count of the amount of times that I have bought shoes from amazon and have been scammed. I would suggest buying your shoes from a reputable shoe shop like Clarks instead because at least then you know that what you are buying is REAL and if you have a problem with the shoes you can return them.

I really do hope this helps and points you at least in the right direction. All the best!