I was horrified at the price the GP mentioned (about £70 then, a little more now) but he told me they would be an instant cure, which I did not believe, and would certainly help me months before I got anything from the NHS, whose standard insoles would be far poorer. Apparently fell runners use their services to.

I went thinking I would just lose my money as I could not imagine that they would help that much and even if they did how could they work in ordinary shoes and still stand up in running shoes.

There was instant relief, despite my misgivings, as well as long term improvement – when I went to the GP I had pain even getting out of bed in the morning and this is not the case now. I wear the insoles in most footwear apart from climbing soles and the estimated life is about 18 months but I have had fitted extra pairs every year or two and I’ve only just thrown the first pair out. The NHS insoles took a long time to get and were not in any way comparable in effect, robustness or comfort compared with the commercial ones.

They also alleviated a long term problem I had with stubbing my toes on descent – I think because of falling arches the feel elongate and hit the front of the boot.

I was in my 50s when I began to have these problems but was diagnosed with “flat feet” at Catterick in tha 1970s so I’ve not had great feet all my life, though strong boots always helped, AND I had a diagnosis from the GP before going there. Even with the terrible expense, money well spent, for me.

If you call them for an appointment (I went on Saturdays, first thing when they were quiet) they will probably want you to take a sample of the kinds of footwear you’ll wear them in as they have to be trimmed/checked if you do decide to be fitted.