However, a bit of basic self-assessment never hurts. Check that you walk with your feet pointing in a straight line rather than splayed outwards or pointing inwards. This (called pronation).

Pronation is the turning of the foot outwards. A degree of pronation is normal in the standard gait. Over-pronation is not so good and someone whose feet do this would probably benefit from having it looked at.

Turning of the foot inwards is called supination. Again, there is an element of that motion in the normal gait, during the push off phase, but if it’s present throughout the gait cycle then it’s best dealt with.

IMO there’s a risk that someone self-diagnosing and attempting to consciously alter their gait without understanding the possible underlying cause may end up creating more problems for themselves as bits of their body which aren’t actually meant to be taking the stresses and strains of walking or running end up being over-exerted or otherwise taking too much of a pounding.