I started getting something awful on one foot this winter, the skin sloughed off and the Boots pharmacist thought I had scalded my foot, but the treatment made it worse. The NHS Minor Injuries Dr said it was athlete’s foot, but it was a shed load of skin coming away.

They gave me antibiotics, antifungal cream, and steroid cream. It did not do a deal, despite treating several times a day. I was fed up!

A friend gave me an old remedy. A slosh of cider vinegar (the type that still has the ‘mother’ in) in warm water, soak feet. It was an almost instantaneous improvement. It took the mush out of it. I thought the solution would sting the raw flesh, but it was OK. Much better than the treatment from the hospital.

The open wound took weeks to heal over, but after a couple of days of soaking with cider vinegar solution, it was obviously ‘dead’ and it was just a case of a wound healing.

Good luck!