I badly broke my ankle mid March – dislocated and broke in 2 places, now pinned back together…

My (private) physio has been a godsend. I saw him the week after my plaster came off and I could only tentatively hobble without the air boot on. 6 weeks later I was dancing all night at my wedding! He gave me targeted exercises and stretches to do, as well as some work in the gym/pool to help strengthen it. I stuck to the exercises religiously (between 20 – 40 mins per day), and made such quick improvement even he was surprised! I did a lot of work on posture and balance – calf raises are tough but really helpful (straight and bent leg / on both legs then just balancing on the bad one), and standing on a balance board. I’m still seeing him now but only once a month rather than weekly / fortnightly like I did initially.

It’s been 4 months since I broke it and I’ve just started jogging again, and apart from being unfit, I feel pretty much back to normal! Would def recommend finding another physio to work with? Good luck!