Another hypermobile one here too! Luckily I have some amazing consultants who look after me…

I dislocated my patella 5 years ago and have sublaxed quite a bit since, have had a lot of physio, an arthroscopy and quite a few doctors giving up! Luckily I saw a Doctor who referred me onto someone else who has looked through my numerous MRIs and xrays and has discovered I am not mechanically correct and it would have been like this since birth. I am now on the wait list for quite major surgery which they are hopeful will stop it happening.

I would suggest getting referred to a knee clinic and explain how it is impeding your life. As I have an office job, one Doctor thought I would be fine if I stopped running. Having to explain that I couldn’t walk properly and could go to work… he finally saw my point of view. You should get a choice of which hospital you can go to, I researched which Doctors ran the clinics and chose which hospital based on that, despite having to wait a bit longer. I am lucky enough to have a private physio who could give opinions on the Doctors.

It is the most frustrating thing, but keep on. A lot of Doctors think that if you don’t keep complaining you are better!