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Oh the agony!
I have dislocated my left kneecap 7 times now, first in the 90’s and last in 2012. I am 39 now.
Mine is because I have a shallow kneecap that doesn’t fit very well and so does my Dad so it is likely I inherited it (thanks Dad!). The first time it had to be put back in by the Drs in the hospital and without any pain relief and I thought I would die from the pain as it developed cramp. I was a not brave 17 year old then. The rest, fortunately, have gone back in of their own accord but still it is so, so painful!

I have ongoing issues with mine, it limits what exercise I can do and I now have a partial tear in a ligament (can’t remember which one – I want to say meniscus but I may have that wrong) so will likely require surgical repair eventually and one day a new knee.

I was very poor at sticking to my physio in my teens and early 20’s and that has not helped me at all. so my advice is to get as much physio as you can. I wish I had! Feel free to pm for more info.

Oww, oww, oww!