Thank you. I don’t want to be accused of being a timewaster. I’ve tried googling numbness in my foot but can’t really find anything useful other than possibly being MS or Peripheral Arterial Disease both of which I really don’t think for one minute it is! Crikey.

I think I might go to the walk in centre one night this week. I keep going over on my right ankle to, it doesn’t hurt because I manage to ‘catch it’ in time but I do worry about spraining it. When I fell over in the car park I went a right sprawl and apart from hurting my pride, fortunately didn’t hurt anything else but I thought then how weird it was as I didn’t appear to trip on anything or over anything. Then it happened again a few weeks later, but that was last year. You know what its like, you always make excuses for weird things that happen, and I just thought I was being clumsy. Maybe I was, I hope so.