I rang up the doctors surgery this morning – told the first available appoint would be 12th December! That’s any doctor, anytime, no preferences. When I sounded a bit worried she asked me what was wrong and I said that my foot had gone numb and I was concerned because I have a prolapsed disc. She said she would get the doctor to ring me sometime today. About 20 mins later she rang me with an appointment – luckily my boss let me go! Just come back from the appointment and the doctor said its due to my sciatica. Reviewed my medication, suggested I go to pilates and cut down on my spin class (I go five days a week) although the numbness and sciatica happened before I started spinning. She said see how I get on and then review in the spring and maybe chat about having the disc operation that I declined a few years ago.

So relieved I thought it was something serious, especially as the doctor booked me in so quickly after I rang up.