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      I did the 3 peaks challenge on Saturday.
      Got up Ben Nevis fine, went to come back down and had a shooting pain in my knee. Totally unexpected and no reason for it that I could tell. Had the same issue with the next 2 mountains, romped up them and crawled down. I could however walk down the steps backwards fine?!
      Now it’s just sore unless I keep it still, as soon as I move it it hurts.
      I don’t have a bath unfortunately but I’ve tried cooling gels, painkillers and a knee support and nothing touches it.
      I’m probably being impatient hoping it would be better 2 days later, but thoughts on what I might have done/best treatment?
      However my main concern/irritation is this came from nowhere, I’d trained and other than 1 walk where my knee randomly gave way a couple of times after 17 miles (but no pain) there was no warning.
      I’d love to do more of these challenges and stuff but how can I get myself in a place so this doesn’t happen again?

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      Where on your knee?

      The going down hill might be tight IT band. See a good physio and they should be able to help.

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        Pain is at the back of my knee and to the right/outside when going downhill/stairs. In general it’s a bit sore all over now, if it seizes up a bit, when I try to stretch it, initially it’s a bit like cramp or like something is going to snap if I try to extend my leg fully.
        Frozen peas is a good shout – I keep intending to buy some but then end up at the shop by work not home and I think they would defrost on the journey in between!
        I have an amazing osteo already but will look into physio – if anyone can recommend one in Surrey or Bucks please feel free to let me know

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      Make sure to find a good physio! Also try a bag of frozen peas see if that helps.

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      I’ve had your problem in the past – Physio gave me exercises to strengthen muscles around the knee which I have done (on and off) for a year or more, and almost daily in the past couple of months leading up to my Lake District holiday this week. No problem coming down from the Langdale Pikes, or the other fells this week. See a Physio!

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      It could be Runners knee.

      Remember the “RICE” motto: i.e. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. You can do this before your physio appointment.

      Good luck, hope all goes well.

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      So I thought a swim last night would be a good idea.
      I went on the basis that if it hurt I’d get straight out even if I just did 1 length. Actually it felt really nice and I had a very gentle relaxing swim.
      Everything else has loosened up nicely but my knee isn’t thanking me for it today, even though it didn’t hurt at all yesterday?!
      I will play sensible and be good until the physio next week.

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      I had a painful knee last week and used a gel ice pack that I have had in the freezer. Sat with my leg up and it wrapped around my knee (over my jeans) twice a day for 3 days, all better now!

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      You can’t be too careful with the knee, if it is unstable at all further damage is very likely. so get it looked at! My youngest son, 21, had a sore knee last year but kept doing stuff (first injury was playing football), then made it worse falling off a bike and is now just finishing 6 weeks non-weight bearing after ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair 🙁

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