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      I have been diagnosed with this. The doctor said it is hard to cure. I am caring for my elderly father. And. I have applied for PIP as my needs are rising. And the Plantar Fasciitis is affecting how I timetable my caring role and how I remain independent. Like. Travel costs. Anyone else has this Plantar Fasciitis?

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      I had it for about 8 months a few years back – bloomin’ painful you have my sympathies. It did eventually go away once I started wearing shoes with proper support regularly instead of my comfy Ugg boots all the time.

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      Both my sister and I have both had it, she had it worse than me but then she wears slippers with no support and I tend to wear ‘house shoes’. Hers has a tendency to return now and then but mine went after about 6 months and, so far, hasn’t returned. The best shoes I found were “Sketchers” as they have good support and memory foam linings that cushion the heel and sole of the foot.

      Get your GP to refer you to a podiatrist for proper supporting insoles that you can use in your normal shoes.

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      I suffered with it for a number of years and tried all sorts before I found anything that worked, ultrasound, steroid injections in heels, splints, anyway the one and only thing that worked was foot orthotics-(arch supports). Initially, I had bespoke rigid casts made (hugely expensive) but in more enlightened times I found a podiatrist (extra qualified version of chiropodist who understands biomechanics) who recommended some flexible comfortable orthotics which have a three-color different height of insert that you slot into a top piece like a supportive inner sole. Racking my name for the brand name but I have tried off the peg ones from boots etc but they were nowhere near as good these the podiatrist gave me at a worth every penny price of just £100.00.

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      I have no idea what this is?????

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      I have chronic plantar fasciitis in both feet.
      If you are overweight, try and lose it.
      Ask for a physio referral, they can assess your gait and recommend exercises and supports.
      Mine is exacerbated by weight but caused by tight calf muscles and overpronation (collapsing arches), so a combination of appropriate footwear, exercises, inserts and night splints were recommended. Still have it 6 years later, just started couch to 5k so it’s killing me! Resigned to it being lifelong.

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      I think it’s really important to understand the biomechanics, and then think how your habits cause the biomechanical problems to occur causing plantar fasciitis. This video is a really good starting point for the foot (it’s dense, probably needs a few watches):
      The gist is that the foot is sort of a ‘tensegrity’ structure, and our modern life tend to collapse this structure.

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      Try tape on foot and leg, overnight so it stretches the muscles, take it off during day so that muscles relax as you use them walking – worked for me – good luck

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      Try a Strassburg Sock.

      Otherwise a cortisone injection in the heel. I may have been lucky, but it worked for me like a miracle.

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      I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for a long time now. I found that wearing my trainers almost constantly has helped and I only get pain when I wear other footwear. It’s ok when I am in the house but trainers aren’t exactly elegant when going out somewhere. However, I don’t care I am at the stage in life where I would rather be comfortable lol!

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      Glad I found this thread – as a fellow sufferer, I’m always pleased to see hints and tips.
      I only got one exercise from my physiotherapist, which does help a good bit, but then maybe I only have it mildly. Either using a ball, or my thumb, I’m to rub firmly across the sore part of my foot, left to right across the width (not heel to toe). After a few days of doing this, the pain stays lessened. Works better with some moisturiser too (at least, it’s less uncomfortable for the hand!)

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