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This topic contains 9 replies, has 7 voices, and was last updated by  sarah 1 year ago.

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    10 years ago, I had a horse step on my foot at an awkward angle. The local hospital said it was fine (shouldn’t have believed them as they missed my brothers double displaced arm fracture and my vets shoulder fracture into 4 pieces!) Anyway, 6 weeks later when I was in Holland, it swelled massively but again (stupidly) I ignored it.
    Now it’s been niggling for a while, I thought just jogging too much or knocking it, but the past 2 days it has swollen, I haven’t been running for months, I’m not doing anything strenuous but it is sensitive in one particular area and it has swollen quite a bit. I can still bend my toes and walk but if pressure is put on the exact place it’s agony so I thought maybe a stress fracture of a metatarsal? I really don’t want to go to A&E if I don’t have to, do you think I should just rest it and see how it goes?
    Many thanks!

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    As it is an old injury (probably), I would make a GP appointment and they will most likely refer you for an x-ray.

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      I said to my dad I was thinking GP but I thought (and he agreed) they would just send me to A&E for an x-ray so we may as well miss the GP part but I don’t want to block A&E for nothing. As I said, I can bend my toes and walk on it, it’s just swollen and painful (my second bone next to my big toe).

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      At my local hospital, if you have a referral, you don’t need to go through A&E, you just go straight to x-ray. If they think there that a dr needs to see your x-ray immediately they will pass you on to the correct dept.

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      Ahh brill, thank you. I will call my doctors tomorrow and see what they say. I’m hoping that so raising and resting may ease it and I won’t have to go down this route! Xx

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    I broke a bone (3rd metatarsal) in my foot 3 years ago. I was given a supportive boot to wear and told to keep it weight-bearing, after the first week. It does sometimes feel very painful and I can put my finger on the spot where the break was. That happens most if I have been standing/walking a lot on it.

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      Ahh this sounds like mine! Thank you, I will send a phone request in to my GP and see what they say when they call.

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    I had a similar incident 2 months ago, a tread and I think I broke a metatarsal. It was still weight-bearing, and TBH as long as I didn’t touch it the pain was negligible. If touched it was very ouchy, even the water against it when swimming was unpleasant.

    It seemed to get better, but I too have noticed that lately it is sensitive and has some reddening come back. I am interested as to what they do with yours as my GP is so unapproachable, and I am not sure anything really can be done (I would not have an operation or anything) so I have not investigated further.

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    After this length of time I would suspect arthritis I’m afraid.
    I would speak to your GP.

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    I’d go to the doctors, they will send you for an X-ray.

    I broke my ankle about 10years ago and when I was in A&E they x-rayed and asked me when I had previously broken it. I wasn’t aware that I had. The only thing I could vaguely recall was being about 6 and falling in PE and my ankle swelling up horrendously, but the hospital at the time told us it was a sprain so who knows.

    Anyway, my new break didn’t heal properly either (walking and riding on it probably did not help matters) so I was asked if I wanted surgery to break the badly healed bones and reset them. I declined as it would have meant at least 12 weeks out of action. My ankle isnt the best and no doubt will be riddled with arthritis at some point.

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