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      So a quick question, could my ankle be broken?
      I managed to drop my foot ankle deep into a rabbit hole amongst rocks and twisted as I tried to remove it.
      This happened over 2 weeks ago, my ankle is still swollen-not hugely but it’s there, the area is tender but not painful. I can wear walking boots, run on it etc (I hurt my knee too and that’s more sore).
      I was not concerned until I wore wellies the other day, the angle I needed to get my ankle into to remove the boots was incredibly painful-i had to sit down- I do have a high pain threshold but am not sure if the intense pain every time I had to take the boot of could be an indicator of a break?
      Any opinions please.

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      General guidelines say:

      -within 2 weeks a minor sprain will start to feel better.
      -ankle breaks = constant dull ache
      -ankle sprains = sharp pain with certain movement

      Have you been resting it? Is there bruising? When did the bruising come out?

      I think it would be worth an x-ray (I have become a bit of an expert in ankle sprains/break over the past couple of years) seen as it is still bothering you after 2 weeks. Even if it’s not broken it will give you a solid ‘expert telling’ to take it easy and rest.

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        Hmm, no not have not been resting as i am very busy at work.
        It’s a dull ache at night, I don’t notice it the rest of the time that’s why I have ignored it.
        It has not bruised either- not sure if that’s a good or a bad sign?

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        No bruising isn’t a good sign to me! Get yourself an xray, always best to get checked!

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      I’d get is xrayed just incase but suspect you probably have a sprain.

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      I would say definitely not broken if you’re running on it OK. I broke my foot and couldn’t press the clutch down on my car for about four/five weeks.

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      Don’t waste your time asking non medical posters.

      Go to your doctors who can examine your ankle and arrange an X-ray if necessary.

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