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    I’m a runner and yesterday totally blew my right Achilles it’s fairly
    swollen and I’m lame even when walking -I guess that’s it for me running the marathon I was training for.
    Any self-help remedies gratefully received.

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    If it really is blown, your foot is effectively now disconnected from your leg and will be floppy. My parents have both snapped theirs and were in plaster for 8 weeks each. If you have a walk in or OOH place, might be an idea to pop in.

    If you just strained/partially ruptured it, you need rest, keep off it, it may take some weeks to resolve. You should try to rest it as much as possible-advice from my GP when I strained mine from mounting from too low a point onto a 16.3hh TB.

    I hope you heal quickly, it’s a swine to deal with, my left is permanently strained due to compensating for the crappy right leg.

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    Rest, I’m afraid! When I did mine, I was hobbling for quite some time. Then while you’re resting, research some rehab exercises. I went to a BUPA running clinic & got a load of exercises. Standing with your toes on a step & raising & lowering – that sort of thing. I still do my stretches every day while cleaning my teeth – multi-tasking!

    It took me 3 months to be able to run at all. Then I went to a proper running shop & did gait analysis & got some proper shoes – I did mine running uphill in old squishy shoes.

    Do not rush your recovery! Take it seriously as it IS serious! (Says, someone, who pulled something in their hip yesterday running across a plowed field & who should be a quarter of the way through a half marathon this time tomorrow…)

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      I have already had gait analysis too and run in orthotics through the right one is neutral. It’s kind of my own fault as it’s been niggling for a while but the pressure of having a half marathon looming kept me training.

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      Oh, I forgot, I used to have an iheal. I forget how it worked…something to do with ultrasound or something…anyway, I used it on my Achilles and it worked really well. But I don’t think you can get them any more, so pointless post! I put mine down for a second in the house while I quickly got something else, and I never found it again.

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    I’ve done my left one before but this is the right, it’s not snapped but my entire Achilles/ankle area is pretty enormous, it’s such a crap area for healing and I know there will be no miracle cure but just looking any secret remedies people may have.

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    I injured mine and it took 6 weeks to be able to run on it again. The solution was to have my gait videoed which showed that I pronated badly on that foot and needed special shoes. No problems since.

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      I have had gait analysis previously and also bio mechanical assessment, I over pronate on the left but have neutral movement on the right and run in custom made orthotics. I think I’ve just pushed it when I should really have rested it. It’s tough decision to rest a few weeks before a half M though!

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    No experience of this myself but my colleague did his.

    He found that loads of ice and cold therapy really helped in the early days (similar to treating a horses tendon injury I guess). I lent him my horses Bonner Ice Bandage (he used it over a towel so he didn’t get freezer burns) which is old but still works well and his doctor was impressed at how quickly he’d got the initial inflammation down.

    His doctor said that if he was a women he’d recommend wearing the highest pair of shoes to reduce the tension on the Achilles but realized that wouldn’t be so easy for a man!

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      High heeled shoes?! I absolutely agree re shortening and supporting the tendon will really help. I used orthotic insoles as opposed to very high heels cos I’d just fall over a lot!

      Cheapo cold compression, get a wine bottle cover. They usually have a velcro fastening, perfect for wrapping around the ankle and forgetting about it.

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    I did exactly the same training for my half marathon – ignored the niggles then developed Achilles tendinitis.

    No quick fix I’m afraid. I had to stop running for about three months (couldn’t even walk properly for two)

    Research some Achilles exercises and stretches – they work. But you need to be committed and do them every day multiple times.

    Find a good sports massage therapist. Mine is amazing – after two months rest I was able to start massaging and also used an infrared/laser machine that gets deep into the muscle area.

    I also developed plantar fasciitis which is on the sole of your foot – mine happened when I’d done my Achilles and was walking differently to compensate. So to avoid that I had to freeze a small bottle of water and then use it as a roller under my foot daily. Hurts but works.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I see my sports therapist weekly – I’d be lost without him! I’ve heard Plantar Fasciitis is a nightmare but fingers crossed I have no experience of that one!

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