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This topic contains 16 replies, has 12 voices, and was last updated by  ellen 11 months, 2 weeks ago.

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    So, not corns then! Was woken up yesterday being driven nuts with an extremely itchy toe. Several bubbles have appeared on the side of a toe. There are dots/bubbles on the sole of the same foot. I had this years ago on my hands and the doctor gave me cortisone cream. I’ll see if I can get something from the chemist, zero chance of getting to a doctor by Friday and I’d feel a complete fraud wasting his time with this.

    I’m off to the Lakes on Friday for a long family weekend, lots of walking involved, of course. Can I say ****** on here?!

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    I’ve had it on my fingers and it needed prescription grade steroids/antifungal cream which a nurse practitioner prescribed for me -is there any chance of a nurse appointment before Friday?

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      Nope im working all day most days this week. I’m sure I’ll survive til next week, it’s just really itchy! We’re staying in a teeny village in the Lakes.

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      Phone consultation? The itchiness would drive me crazy! Our GPs now do appointments from 7am some mornings and some evenings too. Hope it settles soon.

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    I had this really bad last year, I had to have four weeks off work and my feet were so blistered I could hardly walk. It came out of nowhere and I had never had it before. I was walking round in flip-flops with panty liners to absorb the ooze.
    I saw two dermatologists who prescribed very strong steroids which I hardly used, god love them internet forums were my savior. For me after trial and error, twice a day wash feet dry well with hair dryer, pop blisters, aloe Vera gell, at first I did use a bit of steroid cream but not the really strong stuff, after that had sunk in Aveeno cream, cotton dressings, and bamboo socks. If you get deep skin cracks hydrocolloid gel sheets.
    I had an allergy test and nothing really came up as a trigger. I have noticed that a pair of wellies started it off again with an odd blister, or it my feet get wet, but as long as I am on it so far it has cleared up.
    The doctors kept asking me if I was allergic to anything apart from the odd rash from washing powder I am not, so the not really knowing what caused it makes me worried.

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      There’s not necessarily a cause, I gather. For me, it was a particular pair of Docs, I live in them!

      4 weeks off work?! I mean, I’d love it, but I’d rather not! Did the heat of the hairdryer not drive you nuts?

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      You should dry your skin with a hair dryer on a low setting, like a hand dryer. It stops the itching because you are not rubbing the skin. I was told by both consultants it was the worst they had ever seen, text book stuff. If it’s caused by your boots it could be that you are allergic to some of the treatments used for curing leather or glue and when your feet get sweaty they are more active. I have now two pairs of wellies I can not wear, but I live in my Crocs.
      There is a theory that it is started by the athlete’s foot bug, and I had a bad case of that before it started, and a foot infection but its really weird that it ends up on your hands as well. I use urea foot cream on my hands as well if I get an itch.

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    I had it many years ago. It started on one hand then the other hand, then I got it in both my feet. Drove me insane with the itching…I saw a dermatologist and after trying a few different creams and some oral medication ( I can’t remember what I was given ) it settled. Thank goodness I never had it again..


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    Another term I need to look up and hope whatever it is, I don’t catch! Would bathing your feet in hot water and Epson’s Salt help, I wonder?

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    I use double-skin socks for walking and hiking. I got pomphlyx really badly for the first time last year and it’s not fully gone away (I suspect stress in my case is not helping). I did, however, manage to run a trail half-marathon in those socks with about 60 per cent of my feet still somewhat affected, so they were really helpful for me. I don’t know if you can get the Thyo brand in the UK very easily, but it’s these ones:

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    Never heard of it. Thought it was a garden pest or something when opening thread! Hope it clears up soon.

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    Leo walker

    I just googled this as I didn’t know what it was, turns out I get this too! I didn’t know it had a proper name. I thought it was just one of those weird things that happened to me! I only ever get it on my hands and it seems to clear up on its own so I guess I’m lucky. I’m off to do some reading now which will no doubt end up with me diagnosing myself with a terminal illness :/

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    I sympathise – I get it too, and it’s horrible! I’m sure I was able to get hydrocortisone cream over the counter at a pharmacy, but failing that, would your doc not issue a prescription for collection at a local pharmacy?

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    I had a really bad case of athletes foot which lasted months, I then got infected big toes, which got treated with antibiotics, and then the pompholyx started, when I lost all the skin through blistering on both my feet. For a month I could hardly walk, so I had a month off work.
    Its a bit of trial and error with treatment and I think whatever the consultant tells you, you have to find out what works for you. If you google there are a lot of people that have it. I just made a mental list of the ones that people had tried and worked then my way through the ones that had a basis in science.

    I had panty liners in flip flops to absorbed the ooze, and then cotton dressing which changed 3/4 times a day. Popping blisters, using aloe vera gel, basically trying to dry it up and then using the best cream to protect and moisturize. I used very little steroids, I had managed to control it before I got as far as the consultants, I saw one a week after my trip to A&E.
    The good news for me is, so far, it hasn’t come back, in about 18months, but I treat every itch, spot etc no matter how small with aloe vera and a small dab of hydrocortisone 1%.

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    I started getting something awful on one foot this winter, the skin sloughed off and the Boots pharmacist thought I had scalded my foot, but the treatment made it worse. The NHS Minor Injuries Dr said it was athlete’s foot, but it was a shed load of skin coming away.

    They gave me antibiotics, antifungal cream, and steroid cream. It did not do a deal, despite treating several times a day. I was fed up!

    A friend gave me an old remedy. A slosh of cider vinegar (the type that still has the ‘mother’ in) in warm water, soak feet. It was an almost instantaneous improvement. It took the mush out of it. I thought the solution would sting the raw flesh, but it was OK. Much better than the treatment from the hospital.

    The open wound took weeks to heal over, but after a couple of days of soaking with cider vinegar solution, it was obviously ‘dead’ and it was just a case of a wound healing.

    Good luck!

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    I had this. I was very lucky that when I ended up in A&E, I thought I was going septic, the HO looked closely and saw the blisters and printed an information sheet, by then I was getting the blisters on my hands. She referred me to the medical team, who really just referred me to the dermatologist after they checked my bloods, which was going to be a month so I went private. I went up a shoe size my feet were so swollen.
    I think because athletes foot starts with itchy skin it confuses the picture, the blisters itch, before they swell and become painful. Then the fluid that comes out makes all the skin soggy so its hard to see that it started as a blister.
    I spent a fortune on online dressing, and if they prescribe you steroid cream and emollient cream work out if it’s cheaper to get a prescription prepayment form.
    Drying it up seems to be the first part, vinegar, potassium permanganate are often used. Keeping them dry, I like bamboo socks because they were soft and breathable. Its sound a bit precious but organic soap, which I take every whereas if I use normal stuff it starts to itch. Then when it drys up just any cream that you can stand. I slept in cotton gloves. I left a trail of dead skin were ever I went.

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    Thanks for all your replies guys!

    Quick update… So on further research, pompholyx isn’t contagious so shouldn’t spread from hands to feet. It is very itchy and is a form of eczema. So not that. Possibly hand, foot and mouth, a variation of varicella (chicken pox). No cure, just have to ride it out. Itchy as chicken pox, blisters look typical of it. No mouth ulcers, tho, but a temperature is typical. I was almost 39 degrees the other night. My pharmacist recommended potassium permanganate.

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