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      No Laughing please – old woman problem
      Ok so a silly question – in this heat I am unable to wear shoes without tights so have resorted to the popsock/knee highs to wear under my trousers. OMG, it feels as if they are cutting off the circulation at the knee they are just so tight at the top. On getting in the car to come home I had to roll them down and try to get some circulation back. So any useful suggestions I can’t get on with footsies and can’t think what else to try.

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      What’s wrong with ankle socks? Or am I missing something?

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      Marks and Spencer used to do extra wide knee highs but I can’t see any on their website at the moment. Maybe try another brand to the one you have been using?

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      I feel your pain. I don’t get on with footsies and I can’t wear ankle socks as I get varicose eczema. I just go sockless in the summer but I only wear flats.

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      I don’t get on with some footsies, but the ones with a silicone grip my feet are ok with. I can only find them in Primark, though, so stock up once a year or so when I’m in a civilized area!!

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      By footsies I assume you mean the ones that only cover the same area as your shoe?
      I use ankle high pop socks.

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      I use a foot spray made by Kiwi called Foot Silk. It comes in a small bright pink spray can and is sold in supermarkets with the shoe polish etc. It is like an invisible stocking and prevents friction and foot odour. Your feet just feel nice and smooth, not sweaty, don’t rub and they smell nice. I never used to wear shoes without tights or socks before but it has been a godsend in this hot weather to be able to do without.

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