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    As title. I have a slipped disc which I take meds for, I also get sciatica on both sides, but mainly the left. I have extensor tendonitis on top of my left foot which makes me non weight bearing for a few seconds every now and then and the inside of this foot is falling inwards when I walk. The numbness is in my right foot on the outside from the base of the little toe to about 2 cms from the ankle bone. I am concerned because my sciatica has got worse over the last few weeks but I have taken up spin classes and wonder if this is possibly why. I don’t get it when I spin but I get it afterwards in bed lying on my left side and sometimes quite badly in the morning when I wake up.

    The disc is a large prolapse, I’ve had the facet joints injected many years ago when I first did it following a fall from my horse on the road. I am worried that there might be a deterioration in my neuro symptoms as I have had a couple of weird slips when I have actually fallen over and been totally bewildered to find myself on the floor. I did approach my doctor about this when I went to see her about another matter but I was told to come back and discuss it rather than add it to the end of my appointment.

    I don’t know whether to attend the out of hours hospital clinic one evening or whether I’m being a drama queen and it isn’t that serious after all. Its not just pins and needles, I can actually stick a pin in my foot and barely feel it which is a bit worrying. Maybe the chiro would be able to xray my back as they have done that before. Or should I go back to the doctor?

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    I think you should see someone, either the out of hours or your doctor, whichever you prefer… I don’t think you are being a drama queen.

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    When your GP said ‘make another appt to discuss that’, that is what she wanted you to do. She obviously thought that a cursory glance at the end of another discussion wouldn’t be enough, so you need to do just that!

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      Exactly this.

      I’m not sure what the out of hours hospital clinic that you refer to is. Is that not for folk who are taken ill out of hours? It sounds to me like you would be better to see your GP again.

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      Yes sorry I meant a hospital walk in centre but couldn’t find the words for it yesterday! I’ve been to one before when my knee swelled up following a trip. They thought it was septic arthritis, following an xray that diagnosis was ruled out. I went on a Thursday evening when all the soaps were on TV as I thought it would be quiet and got seen within 10 minutes and was out within 45 mins. If I ring my doctor I normally have to wait about 10 days.

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      This current issue appears to be more suited to a GP visit, so get yourself booked in at the practice. She wasn’t dismissing you as a timewaster, but she needed time to do a proper examination and decide what to do next, whether to refer you on and who to etc.

      I also have some foot and leg numbness issues following 4 slipped discs 10 years ago, so I have a lot of sympathy with what you’re doing through.

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    Definitely agree with the above two posters! either GP or out of hours Dr.

    There are people that completely waste Drs time but I doubt this is one of those times, I wouldn’t say you was being a drama queen at all!!

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    Thank you. I don’t want to be accused of being a timewaster. I’ve tried googling numbness in my foot but can’t really find anything useful other than possibly being MS or Peripheral Arterial Disease both of which I really don’t think for one minute it is! Crikey.

    I think I might go to the walk in centre one night this week. I keep going over on my right ankle to, it doesn’t hurt because I manage to ‘catch it’ in time but I do worry about spraining it. When I fell over in the car park I went a right sprawl and apart from hurting my pride, fortunately didn’t hurt anything else but I thought then how weird it was as I didn’t appear to trip on anything or over anything. Then it happened again a few weeks later, but that was last year. You know what its like, you always make excuses for weird things that happen, and I just thought I was being clumsy. Maybe I was, I hope so.

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    This doesnt sound right at all. please go to see someone, falling with no reason can be serious and you are not a timewaster…

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    I rang up the doctors surgery this morning – told the first available appoint would be 12th December! That’s any doctor, anytime, no preferences. When I sounded a bit worried she asked me what was wrong and I said that my foot had gone numb and I was concerned because I have a prolapsed disc. She said she would get the doctor to ring me sometime today. About 20 mins later she rang me with an appointment – luckily my boss let me go! Just come back from the appointment and the doctor said its due to my sciatica. Reviewed my medication, suggested I go to pilates and cut down on my spin class (I go five days a week) although the numbness and sciatica happened before I started spinning. She said see how I get on and then review in the spring and maybe chat about having the disc operation that I declined a few years ago.

    So relieved I thought it was something serious, especially as the doctor booked me in so quickly after I rang up.

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    You need to get the disc sorted sooner rather than later. If the disc is impinging on the sciatic nerve then its going to cause damage that can take a long time, if ever, to repair. When I slipped a disc, I got raging sciatica: at it’s worst, I lost the feeling down the right leg and was unable to walk.

    I was very fortunate to be able to go private for the treatment – they had me in hospital and under the knife within a week of the seeing the MRI results.

    The nerve took a long time to heal, in fact, 12 years on, I still have no feeling in the middle toe of my right foot.

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    I have had numb legs after a disc issue, so much so that at one point whenever I dismounted, I would collapse. It would not be painful at that time, just no feeling or power to my legs. Once I had sat there for a while feeling would come back.

    The GP was not terribly helpful, just gave painkillers and said to rest.

    What turned the corner was intensive physio with a physio who was experienced in reducing impingements from slipped discs. They reckoned they could avoid surgery in over 50% of cases. It worked for me. I did 2 weeks residential, happily with a scheme I was with.

    I would look for a sporting focused physio rather than a general one.

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