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  • If you have persistent pain in your knees and hips, and waddle round like a duck, you need to do something about it. An NHS physio might be able to give you some exercises to do that will sort the problem by strengthening your arches, if your local trust employs any and you manage to get to see one of them. Otherwise try a private sports…[Read more]

  • I tend to buy Scarpa Vortex. I just checked mine, which are GTX which I assume means Goretex, however the big hole I put my foot through, would suggest to me limited water tightness. Over the years I have had a few pairs of these and done loads of walking and found the grip good and the shoes comfy and long lasting.…[Read more]

  • I had really bad plantar fasciitis and the only thing that seemed to help me was wearing insoles. The basis on which I even tried the insoles was advice from the GP as his wife had had a similar dramatic improvement. He told me I’d feel relief immediately and I did not believe him and actually thought I was throwing my cash away.

    He (being a…[Read more]