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  • I’ve found that these insoles work well for me-you have my sympathies, this time last year I could hardly walk but also sitting for too long was also agony (I spend parts of the year welded to a microscope). I didn’t get on with the 1/2 3/4 length insoles but its very individual.

    FootReviver™ running insoles

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    Story of my life! I put it mainly down to my ADHD really. But as above, sitting with flat feet helps to stop it but doesn’t relieve the sensation of needing to do it, if you get me?

  • This doesnt sound right at all. please go to see someone, falling with no reason can be serious and you are not a timewaster…

  • Do you know what sort of arthritis it is? My mother had rheumatoid arthritis (auto-immune condition). She was advised to lose weight (to reduce the strain on the joints) and prescribed anti-inflammatories plus other drugs to stop the anti-inflammatories damaging her stomach lining. Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the joints.

  • I have HMS sobhave dislocated or subluxed many joints.
    A surgeon had numerous attempts to realign the tracking of my knee caps, but this has made matters much worse!
    I was told to try and keep my leg muscles as strong as possible to support the joints and stabilize them ….. I do have to use braces sometimes or crutches when really bad.

    I hope…[Read more]

  • I have terrible bunions, on my big toes, and also one on my little toe, which I believe is called a tailors bunions. I am not a tailor. I hate my feet they are so ugly but don’t think I could go down the road of having surgery. I am forced to wear wide old lady shoes instead That’s wide shoes, I am not a wide lady!

  • I use a foot spray made by Kiwi called Foot Silk. It comes in a small bright pink spray can and is sold in supermarkets with the shoe polish etc. It is like an invisible stocking and prevents friction and foot odour. Your feet just feel nice and smooth, not sweaty, don’t rub and they smell nice. I never used to wear shoes without tights or socks…[Read more]

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    Glad I found this thread – as a fellow sufferer, I’m always pleased to see hints and tips.
    I only got one exercise from my physiotherapist, which does help a good bit, but then maybe I only have it mildly. Either using a ball, or my thumb, I’m to rub firmly across the sore part of my foot, left to right across the width (not heel to toe). After a…[Read more]

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    Thanks for all your replies guys!

    Quick update… So on further research, pompholyx isn’t contagious so shouldn’t spread from hands to feet. It is very itchy and is a form of eczema. So not that. Possibly hand, foot and mouth, a variation of varicella (chicken pox). No cure, just have to ride it out. Itchy as chicken pox, blisters look typ…[Read more]

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    There’s not necessarily a cause, I gather. For me, it was a particular pair of Docs, I live in them!

    4 weeks off work?! I mean, I’d love it, but I’d rather not! Did the heat of the hairdryer not drive you nuts?

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    Nope im working all day most days this week. I’m sure I’ll survive til next week, it’s just really itchy! We’re staying in a teeny village in the Lakes.

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    So, not corns then! Was woken up yesterday being driven nuts with an extremely itchy toe. Several bubbles have appeared on the side of a toe. There are dots/bubbles on the sole of the same foot. I had this years ago on my hands and the doctor gave me cortisone cream. I’ll see if I can get something from the chemist, zero chance of getting to a d…[Read more]

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