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  • Feival replied to the topic Athlete's Foot! remedies? in the forum Footcare 1 month ago

    I get really bad athlete’s foot from my running shoes. Get yourself to the chemist and ask them for the strongest stuff you can have. Don’t bother with the standard supermarket brands such as Scholl which is useless!

  • Feival replied to the topic Restless legs in the forum Footcare 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Sometimes my mum gets restless legs when she hasn’t drunk enough water or other fluids, but what helps her the best is a suggestion she very sceptically tried over 25 years ago, and that is to simply walk backwards. At the most, she needs to go backwards back and forth (or should I say back again) a few times across a room, for it to help.

  • I’m a long-term arthritis sufferer – and I do mean sufferer – because I have continued to do whatever I wanted – and then suffered some more!

    I was given cocktails of drugs that were so evil that even that the drug testing company who gave stuff to those volunteer guinea pigs (and all their fingers and toes dropped off!) thought the mixture…[Read more]

  • Thanks, everyone for your replies. Will definitely look into buying some support socks and insoles ASAP.

  • I’ve recently started training to be a chef and I’m spending a huge amount of time on my feet, each evening when I get home my ankles are extremely swollen, any suggestions on how to help prevent this or ease them better of an evening? I wear sketchers memory foam shoes at work as they are the most comfortable to be stood in for hours. Thanks.

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