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    Magnesium, Epsom salts baths. Good hydration, not too much caffeine and muscle stretches.

  • I did exactly the same training for my half marathon – ignored the niggles then developed Achilles tendinitis.

    No quick fix I’m afraid. I had to stop running for about three months (couldn’t even walk properly for two)

    Research some Achilles exercises and stretches – they work. But you need to be committed and do them every day multiple…[Read more]

  • @isac I do have a small spur, as shown by x Ray. Soon be time to get back to the doc to get an injection injection.

  • Thank everyone for your great replies. One question about stretching… because plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury do you do stretches when your feet are still healing or after?

  • Thanks for the tips guys, I will definitely try out the tennis ball trick for sure. I have seen spiky balls that you can buy would these help?

    Do I need to buy new shoes if I am going to fit a new pair of insoles inside for my plantar fasciitis? What sort of shoes are best to buy? Are tight shoes, loose shoes or no shoes best for this…[Read more]

  • @sammy Thanks for your reply. Did you get your insoles free from the NHS? If so did your plantar fasciitis have to be really deliberating and painful to get them? Good suggestion about exercises stretches, when I go running I often never stretch my feet as I dont actually know how to and maybe this made me more prone to getting it.

  • @kate Thanks for your reply! Im so glad you mentioned cheaper alternatives as I have been looking at some of the custom insoles online and they are so expensive 😮

    Does plantar fasciitis ever fully heal or are you feet forever weakened somewhat?

  • I went to see my GP today for my foot pain and apparently I have what appears to be start of plantar fasciitis. My GP was in a rush so didn’t really give much advice on how to treat it other than to keep my feet rested. Im guessing I will have to find out and stop whatever is triggering the overuse of my plantar fascia? but where do I start? I…[Read more]