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  • PM me if you prefer, but do you know what procedure they are looking to perform? My surgeon also noticed mechanical imperfections along with my syndrome, apparently they are common together. Shallow trochlear Grove, patella Alta, and small patella, a perfect storm perhaps! It may be that you could have the same op as me, and whilst I am hopeful it…[Read more]

  • I don’t really have any tips per se really, I mean, I use heat a lot as therapy, I’m struggling to find the right pain relief now as have a tolerance to codine. I find trying to keep fit helps, walking is good for bad days, swimming too. Massages are great, as are the oainfree trigger point Pena for the pinched nerves (I get this a lot) and am…[Read more]

  • I have ehlers-danlos hypermobility syndrome, so dislocate fairly frequently. I had a really bad knee dislocation in October last year, had MRI and knee in a brace for a bit and was told by the consultant that no amount of physio would fix me, so I have just undergone a reconstruction, tendon graft and chondroplasty to fix it. I had pain from the…[Read more]