Best shoe insoles to buy!

If you are suffering from heel and foot pain wearing a pair of orthotic insoles can really help to ease your pain. Orthotic insoles support your feet in the most natural position, correcting pronation in your feet and taking strain and pressure off key parts of your foot. Things to look out for before buying:…

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High heels: are they worth it?

Although personally I always envisage plastic surgery as being on the face, it has now apparently moved down past the arms and chest, the stomach and thighs – the latest plastic surgery craze it seems, is for the foot. Now I’m not a huge foot and toe fan, I actually have a phobia of ‘wiggly…

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What are the best shoe heel protectors?

In this article we will be looking at the best heel protectors that you can wear inside your shoes to protect and ease heel pain. There are a wide range of different heel protectors that you can wear including heel cushions, pads and cups. Why you need to protect your heels? When you walk or…

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What are the best insoles to buy?

If you are suffering from foot or heel pain and wanting to buy a pair of insoles to help get rid of it you need to first understand what is causing your foot pain. There are various different causes of foot pain. Everyone’s feet are different and foot pain can be caused by a number…

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Handpicked selection of the best insoles for flat feet

Do you have flat feet? Do you find that your feet hurt if you stand for long periods? Do you get pain in your arches when running? If you do then a pair of flat feet insoles can be worn to help take the strain off your feet and stop this from happening. If you…

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