How to walk in high heels: an expert view

I’ve lost count of the number of times a female friend has told me she ‘can’t’ walk in heels. Many of us find the experience painful and awkward, but still we continue to try: a new report by Scholl out today found more than half of people (54%) say it’s important to wear shoes that…

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5 essential shoes to take on a beach holiday

If you’re getting ready to go away on holiday in the next few weeks, lucky you – you might get to see some sun! But don’t forget you’ll be needing to make some very different footwear decisions when navigating the beach-to-bar lifestyle, so now is the time to ensure you’ve got all the shoes you…

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Great excuses for buying new shoes

I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I see a pair of shoes I want to order as soon as I see them. Obviously it’s an occupational hazard here at Shoewawa, but I’m sure that anyone reading this will relate to the urge to grab a new pair of killer heels or cute…

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The three Ps: How to prep your feet for summer

t’s the beginning of summer, and our feet just don’t know what’s hit them! After months of being tucked away under tights and socks, they’re just not ready to feel the full glare of the sun. But like it or not, it’s now time for your feet to come out of hibernation. We’ve done this…

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Shoes for large feet: womens’ size 9 and above

For many women, shopping for shoes is the one time that worrying about size is not an issue. For the most part, our feet stay the same size throughout our life (with perhaps a bit of variation during pregnancy and of course while they’re still growing) – but other than that our shoe size is…

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Five big footwear mistakes and how to avoid them

What are the biggest shoe mistakes and how can we avoid them? We’ve rounded up the worst fashion slip-ups involving footwear, with some sound advice on how you can avoid them. Read on for the wisdom!   1. Peep-toe shoes with stockings A few seasons ago, we saw the introduction of a footwear item that…

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An expert view on sandal sense! How to prevent blisters

Warmer weather in the footwear world means only one thing: sandals. Sandals are a happy indication that holiday season is drawing near, and it’s great to be able to paint our nails and feel the cooling breeze on our feet. I for one will be shedding no tears over finally getting to put my winter…

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What are the best heel lifts to buy?

Heel lifts are fabulous inserts that you can put inside your shoes to make yourself taller without needing to wear high heels! Not only can these clever inserts make you taller but they also do other things such as: Correct leg length discrepancies Give your heels more stability and balance and prevent you from spraining…

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Shoe Know-how: How to pronounce ‘Louboutin’

With my impending trip to France fresh in my mind, I’ve been thinking a lot about pronunciation of certain fashion names and how we sometimes struggle to get them right. To a non-native speaker of a given designer’s name, it can sometimes feel like fashion labels are going out of their way to create awkward…

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Shoes for Valentines: wear your heart on your feet

Hey, need we remind you that it’s almost Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re eagerly anticipating a romantic night with someone special or are planning on ignoring the occasion altogether you won’t be alone, you can always do as we prefer to do and embrace the fact that love-hearts are one of the cutest and most visually…

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