Shoe insoles

  • Shock absorbing memory foam insoles


    Main features

    • Eases heel and foot pain
    • Available in size 5-7 & 8-11
    • Light weight durable design make these perfect for fitting into running shoes and trainers.
    • Breathable holes located on the insoles help to circulate air around your feet helping to keep them feeling fresh and sweat free.
    • Made from shock absorbing material to prevent shock from causing damage to your lower limbs.
    • Ideal for people who have high arches, flat feet or suffer from over pronation and supination leading causes of foot and heel pain.
    • Memory foam top layer moulds to the exact shape of your feet giving you support where you need it the most. Memory foam also helps to spreads weight evenly across the soles of you feet preventing the build up of damaging pressure underneath your feet.
    • Prevents and treat a whole host of different foot and lower limb injuries inducing Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle instabilities, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runners knee and jumpers knee.
    • No more ball of foot pain. Inbuilt metatarsal pad supports and protects the ball of your foot and metatarsal bones.
    • Rigid arch support helps to protect your feet from strain and correct the function of your feet during the gait cycle.
  • Shoewawa Arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis


    Helps prevent and treat plantar fasciitis.
    Plantar fasciitis is a very common cause of heel and foot pain and is caused when the plantar fascia which supports the arch of our foot becomes and inflamed. Inflammation of the plantar fascia can be triggered by excessive strain and pressure on the arch of our feet, this strain and pressure can be caused by a number of different factors.
    One of the main contributing factors of strain and pressure on our feet is having high arches or flat feet which can affect the pronation of our feet! Pronation is necessary during the gait cycle to help shift weight and propel us forward when walking however too much or too little pronation of the feet can cause excessive strain and pressure on our feet to build up and this over time can damage the plantar fascia leading to plantar fasciitis. By wearing a pair of our arch support insoles you can help better support your high arches or flat feet, correct your pronation and take the strain of the plantar fascia.
    By providing your feet with the optimal arch support you can help to position your feet into a more natural position and stop the arches of your feet from over stretching and becoming inflamed.

    • These arch support insoles are specially designed to prevent and treat plantar fasciitis.
    • Available in sizes 3-7 and 7-11. Insoles can be cut to size to fit virtually any type of shoe.
    • Helps improve the stability of your feet by better supporting your arches and heels.
    • Rigid arch support helps to keep your feet supported in the correct position that causes the least amount of pressure on your feet
    • Made from shock absorbing carbon fiber to help stop shocks from damaging your feet.
    • Comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your insoles you can send them back for a full refund, no questions asked!
  • Shoewawa Gel Insoles

    • Fixes excessive pronation
    • Silicone gel shapes to your foot shape providing flat feet with custom support and protection against strain and pressure
    • Ideal for workers who are on their feet all day and suffer from aches and pains
    • Eases ankle pain, shin splints, knee pain and other lower limb injuries
    • Ideal for both sports and everyday wear
    • Features full 30 day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind
  • Shoewawa Gel orthotic running Insoles

    • 1x pair of gel insoles
    • Made from medical grade silicon gel that specially adapts to the shape of your soles giving you the best possible support
    • Eases pressure and strain off your feet
    • Corrects the main causes of foot pain
    • Available in many different sizes
    • Ideal for both sports and everyday wear
    • Include 30 day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind
  • Shoewawa Massaging Gel Insoles

    • Massages your feet as you walk
    • Moulds to the exact contours of your feet providing support where you need it the most
    • Prevents the build up of pressure at key pressure points
    • Perfect for people with tired aching feet and legs
    • Gives your feet instant support and protection
    • Stops you from overstretching or straining your arches helping to prevent/treat plantar fasciitis
  • Shoewawa shock absorbing Gel Insoles

    • Made from medical grade silicon gel that contours to the shape of your feet
    • Gel provides custom support in the places that you need it the most
    • Proven to ease plantar fasciitis pain
    • Helps to correct how your feet function by preventing over pronation and supination when you walk
    • Ideal for people who work long shifts on their feet.
    • Available in many different sizes

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