Mens Socks

  • Mens Non elastic gentle grip socks (diabetic friendly)


    3 pairs in a pack
    One size fits all (Uk 6-11 mens shoe size)
    Theses men’s diabetic socks feature a gentle grip top that grips to the top of your ankle to keep the socks from slipping down. This gentle grip top moulds to the exact shape of your feet and is not elasticated meaning that these socks will not dig into your ankles and will not create any ugly marks around your ankles either.
    Smooth toe seam
    Suitable for those with sensitive feet and diabetes
    Machine washable
    Made from lightweight and durable fabric consisting of 74% Cotton 21% Polyester 4% Polyamide 1% Elastane

  • Mens plain Black non elastic socks (Diabetic Friendly)


    3 pairs in a pack
    No more elastic. No more discomfort or ugly marks on your ankles. These socks use a gentle grip top instead of an elasticated top to keep the socks from falling down. This gentle grip top shapes and grips itself to the exact contours of your foot and ankle for the perfect comfortable fit!
    These socks are ideal for people who suffer from diabetes or have sensitive or swollen feet.
    Made from Marl: 67% Cotton 27% Polyester 3% Polyamide 3% Elastane, Plain: 65% Cotton 19% Polyester 14% Polyamide 2% Elastane
    Machine washable
    Breathable design ensures that your feet stay dry and helps to better regulate your foots temperature helping to keep your feet feeling warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Shoewawa Thermal Socks


    Mens plain black thermal socks
    3 pairs in a pack
    One size fits all (mens shoe size 7-11)
    Thick warm thermal socks that will mean that will help to keep your feet feeling toasty and warm no matter how cold it is!
    These socks have a brushed inside helps to trap heat by maximising the amount of warm air inside the socks!
    Made from ultra soft cotton for a soft and comfortable feel!
    Durable, Lightweight and a perfect for any work or hike boots!

  • Mens hike socks for boots

    • Take a hike in our men’s hiking socks specially developed to keep your feet feeling warm and snug inside your boots no matter how cold it is.
    • 3 pairs in a pack
    • One size fits all (Uk shoe size 6-11)
    • Perfect for hiking boots or normal shoes
    • Hard wearing and long lasting
    • These socks are extremely Light weight and do not bulk up your shoes or boots whilst wearing them.
    • Helps keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long.
    • Made from breathable cotton to keep you feet feeling fresh and dry.
    • Elasticated ankles to help keep the socks up and stop them from slipping down

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