One of the most common causes of pain in the ball of the foot is an injury called Metatarsalgia . Metatarsalgia affects the Metatarsal bones found in the ball of the foot which connect the toes to the ankle bones. They are designed to support your weight when standing and or walking. There are a number of different things that can cause your metatarsal bones to become damaged, the most common being:

  • Wearing narrow and unsupportive shoes that push the metatarsal bones into an unnatural position that places the bones under excessive pressure and strain.
  • Participating in high impact sports that cause excessive shock to the balls of feet. For example Metatarsalgia is a common injury amongst footballers.
  • Obesity. Due to the fact that the Metatarsals are designed to support your weight during the gait cycle means being overweight can cause unnatural load on the metatarsal which can cause excessive pressure to damage the bones.
  • Suffering from abnormalities in the feet such as having flat feet or high arches can leave you predisposed to metatarsalgia. This is due to these abnormalities increasing the likelihood of you developing biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination, which can cause extra pressure on the ball of the feet.
  • Pre-existing foot injuries such as Arthritis, Gout, Bunions and hammer toes can weaken the metatarsal bones making you more susceptible.

Metatarsalgia can cause mild to severe pain in the falls of the feet and if left untreated can get worse. That is why it is important to treat the underlining causes. One of the best treatments for this condition is wearing orthotic insoles. Orthotic insoles are designed to target and eliminate the most common causes that trigger this condition such as poor biomechanics and shock.

There are a range of insoles that you can wear that will help to prevent pressure and strain by improving the biomechanical function and positioning of your feet. Insoles can also provide your feet with shock absorption that wil cushion your feet and stop shock from further damaging the metatarsal bones. To get the most out of wearing insoles to treat your ball of foot pain, it is advised to also change your footwear. Switching to flat shoes that support the feet and that have plenty of room is the best solution. Stretching your feet regularly can help strengthen the muscles supporting the ball of the foot, this can help with your recovery as well as improve foot function to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Here at Shoewawa we have a wide range of insoles specially developed to treat and prevent ball of foot pain. All of the insoles found in this section are made out of the very best shock absorbing materials that will cushion and stop damage to the feet. Our insoles also utilise orthotic compression to keep the feet supported in the right position and prevent the from biomechanical imbalances that may damage the balls of the feet.

If you are unsure which insoles to buy you can ask us directly using our contact page and we will be more than happy to help to find you the best insoles for your feet. You can also post your questions on our forums as well to get the answers to any question you have related to insoles and footcare.

Please note: If our insoles fail to ease your pain then you can send them back within 30 days of receiving them to get a full refund!

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