Insoles for high arches

High arched feet are commonly referred to as Cavus feet and it is estimated that up to 10% of the population have this foot condition. Having high arched feet is a lot less common than having flat feet but and can cause a lot more problems, this is because high arches place more stress on the feet than flat feet do.

If you have high arches then it means that the arches of your feet are raised higher than they are meant to be. This can be problematic as this can affect the way that you walk and create biomechanical and foot function imbalances. These imbalances can then place excessive pressure on the arch during the gait cycle making your feet more susceptible to injuries.

If you have high arches and are suffering from pain in the soles and heels of your feet then you could be suffering from a common foot injury called Pes cavus.
Pes cavus is’nt the only foot injury that you can sustain just by having cavus feet. Having high arches can leave you more susceptible to a number of different foot injuries including:

-Plantar fasciitis is very common in those with high arches. This is because  having high arches can cause excessive strain on the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the ligament that stretches across the arch of the foot. It is an important mechanism in the gait process that helps your foot shift weight properly. When the plantar fascia is put under excessive strain it can become inflamed and cause plantar fasciitis.

-Due to the excessive pressure on the toes that this condition can cause sufferers can develop toe deformities. For example sufferers can develop bunions and claw toes due to the toes being pushed out of place from the pressure. You can find out more about treating and preventing bunions and toe deformities with insoles here.

-Cavus feet can also cause the heel to tilt forward. As your heel bone is connected to and supports the rest of your skeletal system, tilt caused by cavus feet can have a detrimental effect on your whole body by causing postural problems that can cause excessive pressure across your bodybody. This can cause injury and pain to develop in the legs, knees, hips and back as a result.

In the majority of cases these foot conditions can be treated through wearing orthotic arch support insoles.
Arch support insoles are designed to take the strain and pressure off the arches that high arches can cause. Arch support insoles can also help to stop foot function problems such as overpronation and supination that can result from having high arches. Getting rid of problems such as these is very important as these problems would otherwise damage your feet overtime.

You will find  a range of insoles here at Shoewawa that have been purposefully built with high arches in mind. Our insoles are made with the very best lightweight and durable materials.
With our 30 day money back guarantee you can return the insoles if they fail to help your high arches meaning you have nothing to loose when buying.

  • FootReviver™ arch pain relief insoles

    • 1x pair of Orthotic insoles can be worn for everyday wear and sports!
    • Provides the very best arch support to ease and prevent pain
    • Ideal for people who are on their feet all day, the memory foam top layer helps to improve shoe comfort and reduce foot fatigue
    • Prevents over pronation and other bio-mechanical imbalances that can cause extra strain on the arches of your feet
    • Deep heel cup prevent harmful movement of your heel and ankle stopping foot srpains and strains
    • Metatarsal pad helps to cushion the metatarsal area reducing ball of foot pain caused by pressure and impact
    • Includes full no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind


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