Insoles for overpronation

Why buy insoles for correcting over pronation?

Excessive pronation is one of the most common causes of foot pain and injury. Pronation is a fundamental part of the gait cycle that is needed to help to shift your weight across your foot and propel you forward. Pronation is also very important for absorbing shock when you walk and is integral to your posture. If there are issues or imbalances in you pronation this can can cause problems to arise in not just your feet but also in your legs, knees, hips and back.

The most prevalent form of excessive pronation is over-pronation which is when your foot rolls forward too much as you walk. Over pronation can cause an unnatural level of stress and strain on the the foot and inhibits the foots capacity to support itself properly. Due to this if you overpronate your feet when walking you are more prone to foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs which can cause foot and heel pain. If left untreated these injuries can become chronic. It is advised to seek medical attention from a foot specialist if you are unsure of treatment.

If your feet over pronate there are a number of different treatments that you can do to correct you pronation. Amongst the most effective is to wear orthotic insoles. Shoewawa orthotic insoles are specially developed to help realign the feet and correct pronation. All of our insoles have inbuilt arch support that is designed to ease tension are pressure off the feet helping to prevent foot pain and injuries from occurring.

All of our insoles found on this page are ideal for overpronation as they help to improve your foot function and prevent your foot falling into a position which could be detrimental to the foot and heel which often occurs when the foot over pronates. We stock 3 different types of insoles that will help with this foot problem:

  • Full length insoles are designed to support and correct the positioning of the entire foot. Full length insoles are best suited for people with severe over pronation which affects the whole foot.
  • 3/4 length insoles will mainly focus primarily on supporting the arch and heel area. 3/4 length insoles are ideal for people who are suffering from mild over pronation and want to correct it.
  • Heel cups are meant to support the heel area, providing the heel with extra stability and support. Heel cups are great for people with over pronation as they will help ease tension around the plantar fascia and heel area. Due to the lightweight and compact design of heel cups it means that these orthotic inserts can be quickly and easily fitted into just about any type of shoes.

To get the best out of your new pair of insoles it is advised to wear well fitted shoes that both your feet and the insoles can be fit in properly and comfortably. Here at Shoewawa we also suggest performing foot stretches as well which can help to improve your pronation, ease tension in the foot and improve your overall foot health.

When purchasing a pair of insoles from Shoewawa we promise to give you a full refund if the insoles were not what you were expecting, do not fit correctly or you are not 100% satisfied with them. Simply send them back to the return address with a note with your name on and we promise to either send you another pair or give you a full refund!

If you have any questions about our range of insoles or want advice on what to buy then you can get in contact with us via our contact page or you can post on our forum where someone will be more than happy to help you!

  • FootReviver™ arch pain relief insoles

    • 1x pair of Orthotic insoles can be worn for everyday wear and sports!
    • Provides the very best arch support to ease and prevent pain
    • Ideal for people who are on their feet all day, the memory foam top layer helps to improve shoe comfort and reduce foot fatigue
    • Prevents over pronation and other bio-mechanical imbalances that can cause extra strain on the arches of your feet
    • Deep heel cup prevent harmful movement of your heel and ankle stopping foot srpains and strains
    • Metatarsal pad helps to cushion the metatarsal area reducing ball of foot pain caused by pressure and impact
    • Includes full no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind


  • FootReviver™ flat feet insoles

    • Corrects pronation in flat or high arches feet
    • Made from light weight durable materials
    • Proven to help reduce strain and pressure on your arches helping to prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries
    • Shock absorbing design helps stop shock from causing damage to your feet
    • Perfect for runners and people who are on their feet a lot
    • Can be trimmed to size for the perfect fit
  • FootReviver™ full length shock absorbing insoles

    • Over pronation and shock are among the leading causes of plantar fasciitis that is why these insoles have been created to tackle both of these issues
    • Re-positions your feet into the most natural and comfortable position helping to prevent over pronation
    • Made from highly durable and shock resistant materials
    • Orthopedic heel cup and contoured shape to help better support your foot during high-impact sporting activities
    • Made to be breathable and odor-absorbent for fresher feet
  • FootReviver™ pronation correcting insoles

    • Will help to prevent over pronation
    • Designed to help realign your feet and lower body
    • Prevents pressure on the forefoot, arches and heels
    • Eases strained and tired tired
    • Memory foam layer for enhanced cushioning
    • Hard wearing and long lasting
    • Will Fit inside most types of low heeled footwear
  • FootReviver™ running orthotics

    • 1x pair of running orthotic insoles
    • Ideal for those with flat feet and suffer from foot pain
    • Inbuilt arch support helps treat and prevent common overuse foot injuries linked to running such as plantar fasciitis.
    • Absorbs Moisture to keep your feet dry, fresh and healthy
    • Ideal for sport and running
    • Will fit into most shoes with ease
    • Patented heel cup technology provides wrap-around comfort and shock absorption
  • FootReviver™ sport orthotics

    • Orthotic heel cup for shock absorption
    • Ideal for high arches and flat feet
    • Motion control technology corrects the way that your foot functions preventing over pronation and supination
    • Provides comfort for strained and aching feet
    • Anti-bacterial top cover to prevent bacteria build up
    • Inbuilt arch support helps to better support the transversal and longitudinal arches

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