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If you want to keep your feet soft and looking beautiful then this Hard Skin Removing foot file pedi skin is just for you. This pedi is designed quickly and efficiently remove dry dead skin and leave your feet feeling super soft, revitalized and summer ready!

-Leave skin feeling super smooth!
-Easy to use and glides effortlessly across your feet safely removing hard and dead skin from your feet.
-Collect dead skin in a compact chamber that can be quickly and easily emptied into a bin when needed for clean and hygienic use.
-File your feet on high or low speed settings.
-Includes 1 filing plate, 1 finishing head plus 12 replacement finishing pads
-Requires 4 x 1.5v AA batteries
-full 30 day money back guarentee!

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Want beautiful soft looking feet? Now you can with this new innovative Electronic foot file pedicure system by the Shoewawa foot experts. We have designed this pedicure system to be easy, safe and quick to use to help you get the soft beautiful feet that you crave. What is more this foot file leaves no mess by efficiently collecting up all the dead skin it removes into a small compact chamber which can then be emptied out into a bin. With this foot file you no longer have to worry about your feet looking ugly when wearing high heels any more!

What causes hard skin, calluses and corns on your feet?
Persistent pressure or friction to your skin can the skin on your feet to die and harden, when sweat gets trapped in between the dead hard skin a hard corn will also develop. Corns often develop in between and on the sides of your toes where sweat accumulates the most.
How to get rid of hard dead skin on your feet?
One of the best ways to get rid of hard dead skin is to soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salts added to it. You should soak your feet for around 10-15 minutes, then you should dry your feet with a towel and use a foot file to remove the dead skin. You must repeat this process each day until the dry dead skin is totally removed. To ensure that your feet stay soft and healthy you should apply foot cream once a day to keep your feet moisturizer cream to prevent your skin from cracking and to use the foot file at least once a week.
What happens if you do not get rid of dead skin on your feet?
You should also make sure to wear shoes that fit properly and do not cause pressure on your feet or cause your feet to move around and rub against the side of your shoes. Hard dead skin can also start to crack and leave you at greater risk of infections.
Who are more prone to getting dry dead skin?
Those who suffer from diabetes are more at risk of developing calluses and dry dead skin, this is because diabetes can affect the circulation to your feet. If you do suffer from diabetes it is advised to regularly check your feet for damage to reduce risk of infections occurring. If you suffer from excessive pronation bunions, hammer, claw, or mallet toes, or rheumatoid arthritis you are also more at risk of developing corns and calluses this is due this increased pressure and friction these foot problems cause which can damage the skin. You may also be at greater risk if you walk barefoot as without shoes cushioning your feet your feet can be exposed to excessive pressure that can damage your skin.

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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Sar

    I bought this pedi spin a couple weeks ago and I am totally hooked. It makes my feet feel amazing and they are always super soft after using it. Unlike other pedi’s that I have had in the past this one does a excellent job at collecting all of the dead skin so leaves virtually no mess. This gets 5 stars from me 🙂

  2. 02

    by Mel

    This is by far the best pedi spin ever! What I like about this pedi spin: -It leaves no mess and does a real good job at getting rid of ALL my dry dead skin and leaves my feet super soft and ugh heel ready! -Battery life last a long time.-Glides really well over my foot and filing never hurts when using it- Build quality is really well made so should last me a few years.

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