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Want to ease Mortons Neuroma pain? Now you can with a pair of these pads that can be worn with or without shoes. for protection and support all day.

Main features

  • 1x gel pad (1 left, 1 right).
  • Easily straps around your toes to support and reposition your toes.
  • Lightweight durable design makes them perfect for wearing when playing sports.
  • Can be worn inside a number of differ shoes including high heels, sports and running shoes and boots.
  • Prevents ball of foot pain and metatarsal by supporting the foot in a more natural position.
  • Odour eating and breathable material stops your feet from getting sweaty and keeps your feet feeling fresh.
  • Built in shock absorption and massaging gel helps to spreads pressure helps to keep your nerves protected all day long.
  • Wearing these pads can also help to protect the ball of the foot and correct the positioning of your toes easing pressure and preventing further damage from occurring.
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee, zero questions asked!

If your feet hurt between your toes then you maybe suffering from a very common foot injury called Morton’s Neuroma. This condition is usually found in the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions affecting the foots health such as arthritis, gout, hammer toes and metatarsalgia that can cause damage to the nerves around your toes.

What is Morton’s Neuroma? Morton’s Neuroma is when nerves between your toes become trapped and thicken. This condition usually affects your third and fourth toes. If you have this condition it will usually feel as though you are standing on a pebble. You may also feel tender, numb swollen and suffer from of sharp burning pains around the affected toe. There are lots of different causes of Morton’s Neuroma including injury or excessive pressure on one of your toe nerves usually causes this condition. Wearing tight pointed high heel shoes, suffering from biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation, having a bunion or suffering from hammer toes can all causes this condition. Due to pushing your nerves out of places and causes them to become trapped underneath your toe joint.  Does Morton’s Neuroma go away? This condition usually does not go away by its own and may require surgery to fix the problem. You can however wear Morton’s Neuroma pads inside your shoes that will help to lessen your symptoms and protect your nerves from further damage. Morton’s Neuroma use orthotic technology to support your toes and make sure that they are in the most comfortable and natural position possible this helps to reduce strain on your toes and nerves. When wearing Morton’s Neuroma pads it is also advised to practise to avoid wearing shoes with a heel no higher then 2 inches is advised, and to wear shoes with good arch support and shock absorption this will lessen strain and pressure on the toe nerves. Other treatments include:

  • Wearing shoe inserts to help lessen pressure and strain on the nerve.
  • Doing regular stretching exercises to help strengthen supporting muscles around the nerve and correct the toes positioning.
  • steroid injection around the affected area (Only masks pain not suitable as a long term treatment option).
  • surgery (If pain is severe and all other treatments have been exhausted)
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Mather P

    I had really bad Mortons Neuroma in my feet where my toes were really painful one minute and then really numb the next which drove me crazy. Painkillers simply didn’t work for me and I was pretty lost on what to do but thankfully a friend recommended these to me. These pads have been excellent my symptoms have massively improved and I am no longer hobbling around the place like I used to. If you have mortons Neuroma then I would definitely suggest that you buy these, will not regret it at all. The only problem I found with these pads is that they can make your shoes feel a little tight so you should wear them in shoes with a big toe box with plenty of room.

  2. 03

    by David Clarke

    Some how I got Mortons Neuroma after trapping a nerve in between my toes. The pain that this caused me was unbelievable and I could even walk because of it. Luckily I found these pads and they did a great job at easing this pain and made my shoes feel really comfy to wear. Be warned however, because you need to wear them in shoes that have a really wide toe box or else your shoes will feel really tight when wearing them which might cause more problems.

  3. 03

    by Kyle

    These pads are exactly what my feet needed, they have really helped to ease my foot pain. The pads are a little bit too bulky to wear with my shoes on unfortunately but are great for wearing around the house or whilst sleeping. Would buy again and get 5star from me

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