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Ever wanted to be a little bit taller? Who doesn’t? There are so many advantages to being taller. Being taller will make you look more attractive and more dominant a boost in height will also help to boost your confidence too! Making yourself taller couldn’t be easier all you have to do is slip a pair of height increasing insoles into your shoes!

  • Increases your height by as much as 2 inches! Our height increasing insoles use a layer stack system to let you quickly and easily adjust your heel height letting you find the height that you are most comfortable with.
  • Absorbs shock. Made from EVA shock absorbing material which prevents shocks from damaging your feet.
  • No more heel pain! These insoles incorporate heel cup technology to help prevent the build-up of pressure under the sole and heel of your foot by spreading this pressure evenly across your whole foot.
  • Wear with confidence. Nobody will be able to guess that you are wearing these insoles because they are placed inside your shoes making them out of sight and out of mind!
  • The perfect fit! Height increasing insoles can be slipped inside virtually any type of shoes.
  • Added arch support for extra comfort and protection. Each height increasing insole provides your feet with rigid arch support helping to reduce strain on the plantar fascia and keep your feet in a comfortable and natural position to prevent injury to your feet.
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Why wearing these insoles is the simplest and easiest way to make yourself grow taller

Ever wanted to make yourself taller? Now you can with a pair of height increasing insoles! Other more conventional methods to increase your height such as eating a protein-rich diet will only work if your growth plates have not already fused together, and stretching and practicing good posture may work but can often take years to see even the slightest difference in your height. However, if you wear a pair of these insoles inside your shoe you will get an instant height boost. These insoles are designed to give you a height boost of up to 2 inches, these insoles are hidden inside your shoe so people will never know that you are wearing them. Not only that but they are extremely comfortable to wear and unlike high heels help to position your feet in the most natural and safest position to avoid damage to your foot. The Air cushion heels help to protect your heel and foot from shock. Inbuilt arch support helps to take the strain off your arch, and correct your pronation helping to prevent injury to your arch, ball of foot and heel. Here at Shoewawa, we recommend combining wearing these insoles with practicing good posture and doing regular back stretching exercises for the best results!

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Marcus

    Theses insoles are really good. I bough a pair for Christmas as a joke not really expecting them to actually work. Put them in my shoes and they actually make you taller also they are really comfortable to wear. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a little height boost.

  2. 05

    by Evan

    These are okay if you have really wide boots but if you are thinking of putting these in normal shoes then they might be a little bit wide. I had to take mine back and bought these ones instead http://shoewawa.com/product/height-increasing-shoe-lifts/ although they are only half the height of these ones they fit a lot better in my shoes and feel a lot more comfortable.

  3. 05

    by James

    I got these a few days ago after and have been wearing them ever since. They actually work and boost your height up quite a bit but are really comfortable. Also what I really like about them is the fact that you can wear them with your normal shoes and are hidden away which means non of my friends have even the slightest idea that I am wearing a pair.

  4. 05

    by Jake

    For all my life my height has really affected my confidence and I have never felt good enough for anyone. I gave these a try to see if they might make a difference and to my surprise they did! I am so happy even though the height boost is only 2 inches it really does make a difference! I would recommend these to my friends but I really don’t want them to my secret.

  5. 05

    by Jacob Y

    Theses are just the best things I have ever put in my shoes. I am really happy with the increase in height that these insoles give me. All of my friends have noticed the difference but cannot work out how I have grow so tall so fast.. they think that I have just had a sudden growth spurt LOL! They are so comfortable.. even if I wasn’t looking to make myself taller I would still buy these for the comfort factor.

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