Ladies Plain Black Gentle Grip socks (Non Elastic, Perfect for diabetics)


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-3 pairs in a pack
-These socks do not restrict blood flow to the feet. Making them the ideal choice for those with circulation problems, swollen feet, ankles and diabetes!
-These sock do not use elastic to stay up instead they use a Honey comb top that mould to the shape of your feet, helping to keep the socks in place and stop theme from falling down and do not dig into your ankles or cause unsightly marks.
-Smooth Seamed hand linked toes.
-Made from 100% cotton rich yarn for superior comfort and breathability.
-These socks help to regulate temperature keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
-One size fits all (4-8 Ladies)
-Machine washable

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Mark

    I bought these socks for my wife as she has diabetes and has been having some serious problems with feet recently. She just loves these socks and says that they have really help her a lot and she says she isn’t getting half the problems she used to! Really happy and will definitely buy more!

  2. 06

    by Mel

    I used to buy these all the time from the market however the person I used to buy them from went out of business and so I have been trying to find place to buy these socks for ages now and finally I have found them! I’m so happy as these are the only socks that my feet actually feel comfortable in, I have diabetes so I cannot wear any socks that have elastic tops that dig into my ankles and all other non elastic socks that I have tried just always fall down apart from these ones. I am chuffed to bits I have found these ones again.. they are so worth the money and are so comfortable to wear if you have sensitive feet like me!

  3. 06

    by Alex

    I am on my feet constantly so I needed some comfortable and long lasting socks that would just wear out and get holes in them and these are perfect. I have been wearing them for a several hours a day now for a couple of weeks and they still look as good as new! What I also like about these is that there is no elastic to dig into your heel and make your feet feel as thought they are being straggled constantly.

  4. 06

    by Katy

    I just love these socks! If you have diabetes like me and want so comfortable and stylish non elastic socks that actually stay up then I definitely recommend buying these. I have had my pair for a couple of weeks now and have had zero problems with them. They wash really well (not like so many other socks which just get eaten up by the washing machine) and they are proving to be quite good at keeping my feet warm this cold winter! Really happy with them.

  5. 06

    by Janey

    After starting a new job and now being on my feet for hours on end I got sick of getting home and having sore painful red rings around my ankles where my socks would dig in. So I decided to buy some of these to see they will stop this from happening. THEY DID! Love the gentle grip on these socks which is really soft and does not dig into your ankles at all and keeps your socks up! Don’t think I will ever bother going back to normal socks from now on. I am a convert!

  6. 06

    by Kate A

    These are great work socks especially if you are on your feet all day. They are comfortable as they don’t dig into your ankles when you wear them and are super soft plus they seem to last for ages and ages without them wearing out or getting holes in them.

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