Plantar fasciitis insoles with added arch support


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Main features
1x of pair insoles
One size fits all
Super light weight and durable
Ideal for runners and playing sports
Prevents and treats a wide range of foot and lower limb injuries such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, Achilles tendinitis, Shin splints, Runners knee, Jumpers knee, as well as hip and lower back pain.
Orthotic compression helps to reposition your feet into the optimal position to reduce strain and pressure on your feet.
Designed to help eliminate the most common underlining causes of plantar fasciitis including over pronation by using arch support to realign and correct biomechanical imbalances from causing excessive strain on the plantar fascia ligament.
Made from medical grade shock absorbing materials. Running especially on hard surfaces can generate harmful shock energy that if not dissipated can cause damage to your feet and lower limbs. These insoles will help to deplete this shock and prevent it from causing damage.
Do you suffer from ball of foot pain (also refereed to as metatarsalgia)? These insoles have inbuilt metatarsal pads that help to support the ball of the foot taking strain of the metatarsal bones and the ball of the foot. This helps to ease foot pain and prevent further damage from occurring.
If you suffer from heel pain at the end of a busy day on your feet then these insoles can help. If you are on your feet for long periods at a time pressure can build up underneath your heels causing pain. These insoles are designed to help spread this pressure using heel cup technology. The heel cups will also cup around your heel and give your heel and foot more stability and balance as you wear the insoles.
Got smell feet? These insoles have been made to help stops your feet from smelling. Breathable holes located on these insoles ensure air is circulated around the foot whilst wearing. This helps to keep your feet feeling super fresh and stop sweat and bacteria build up and lowering risk of infections and odour.
Please not that these insoles may require a break in period of a couple days for your feet to get used to the support that they provide.
30 day money back guarantee ensures you are never out of pocket. If you are not happy with your new pair of insoles for whatever reason you may return them to us within 30 days of getting them in the post and we will give you a full refund. Please include a note with your information on it with the return package so we know who to give the refund to.


The most common cause of foot and heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Did you know that one in ten people will get this injury at least once! Preventing and treating this common foot injury is very easy. By wearing a pair of these insoles in your shoes you can prevent biomechanical imbalances causing excessive strain on your plantar fascia and stop excessive shock and pressure damaging your feet.

How do you get plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is caused when the plantar fascia ligament in your foot becomes damaged. Repeated shock of excessive strain on the arch can cause the plantar fascia to become damaged. You are at greater risk of damaging the plantar if:

  • You have flat feet or high arches
  • Your feet over pronate or supinate
  • You wear shoes that are too tight or shoes that position your feet in a unnatural position
  • You are obese or suddenly gain weight
  • You are on your feet for long periods of time

Is plantar fasciitis serious?
If the underlining causes of your plantar fasciitis are not properly dealt with this condition can become chronic. Plantar fasciitis can also affect the way that you walk affecting your posture thus can lead to a biomechanical imbalance in your body which can cause other problems such as hip pain and lower back pain.
How to get rid of plantar fasciitis
One of the most effective ways to get rid of this injury is to wear orthotic insoles such as these. Orthotic insoles are designed to reposition, realign and support your feet in a natural position that does not cause damage or strain to your feet allowing your feet to recover properly.
It is also recommend to rest your feet and to apply ice regularly to reduce the inflammation. Doing stretching exercises that help strengthen the supporting muscles around the arch of the foot may also help.
To find out more about how wearing insoles can help prevent and treat plantar fascitiis why not check out our handy guide here.

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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by matty

    I have the flattest feet possible to I need all the support I can get to stop my self from injuring my feet. These are great at giving me arch support and when wearing them I get no aches or pain in my feet whatsoever. Would highly recommend these to anyone.

  2. 02

    by Kelly

    I really have to say that these insoles REALLY did a great job at curing my plantar fasciiits. I tried just about every type of insole I could find and nothing seemed to help my arches apart from these. Unlike others these insoles helped support my arches and got rid of just about all strain meaning my feet could finally recover properly. Instead of risking getting plantar fasciitis again, from now on I am just going to buy a pair of these insoles for each pair of my shoes and wear them all the time. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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