Shock absorbing memory foam insoles

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Main features

  • Eases heel and foot pain
  • Available in size 5-7 & 8-11
  • Light weight durable design make these perfect for fitting into running shoes and trainers.
  • Breathable holes located on the insoles help to circulate air around your feet helping to keep them feeling fresh and sweat free.
  • Made from shock absorbing material to prevent shock from causing damage to your lower limbs.
  • Ideal for people who have high arches, flat feet or suffer from over pronation and supination leading causes of foot and heel pain.
  • Memory foam top layer moulds to the exact shape of your feet giving you support where you need it the most. Memory foam also helps to spreads weight evenly across the soles of you feet preventing the build up of damaging pressure underneath your feet.
  • Prevents and treat a whole host of different foot and lower limb injuries inducing Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle instabilities, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runners knee and jumpers knee.
  • No more ball of foot pain. Inbuilt metatarsal pad supports and protects the ball of your foot and metatarsal bones.
  • Rigid arch support helps to protect your feet from strain and correct the function of your feet during the gait cycle.
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Product description

Shock absorbing memory foam insoles are designed to adapt to the changing contours of your feet helping to give your feet better support, protection and ease your foot pain. The memory foam top layer on these insoles restores balance to your feet by redistributing weight evenly across your feet, this helps to prevent unnatural loads from causing damage to key areas of your feet. These insoles are made from special shock absorbing materials that will provide your feet and lower limbs with excellent shock absorption that will protect your feet from shock making these insoles perfect for treating and preventing injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints as well as various knee and back injuries.

Ideal for runners and athletes. Runners and athletes have a much higher chance of developing foot injuries due to the increased shock, pressure, strain and general wear and tear running and athletic activities can have on their feet. If you are a runner or an athlete wearing a pair of insoles inside your shoes can make a huge difference. These insoles have been developed to minimize shock when you run, help reduce abnormal load off key ligaments and joints in your feet and help you to use your feet more efficiently and with less strain.

Ideal for those with flat feet and high arches. Unlike other memory foam insoles on the market, these insoles give your feet rigid arch support. Rigid arch support is important especially if you have flat or high arch and suffer from excessive pronation. Pronation is a natural and important part of your gait. Pronation is needed to help adapt your foot to the changing contours of the ground, absorb shock and shift weight from your toes to your heels in order to propel you forward when you walk. If You can suffer from two different form of excessive pronation: over pronation which is when your foot rolls inward too much and supination which is when your foot rolls outwards too much. Excessive pronation can cause extra strain and pressure on your plantar fascia ligament that supports your arch. Over time this can cause damage to this ligament triggering a common foot injury called plantar fasciitis. The arch support inbuilt into these insoles helps to correct the pronation in your feet and in doing so reduces strain on your arches and this risk of developing plantar fasciitis.

Ideal for ankle instability. You can develop ankle stability through persistent shock and injury to your ankle and Achilles’ tendon. Runners are especially prone to developing ankle instability due to the increased amount of strain and pressure that their ankles must endure when running. Ankle instability can be caused by a range of different things including running with improper technique, running or standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time, sudden twisting and turning of the ankle and foot. Your ankle can also weaken as you age as the ligaments and supporting muscles around your ankle joint start to degenerate as you get older. If you suffer from ankle instabilities you are also more prone to further strains, sprains and injuries to your this is because this condition can make it harder for you to properly control your foot making it easier for your foot to function in a way that that is detrimental to your foot and ankle health. Wearing a pair of these shock absorbing insoles inside your shoes can help to protect your ankle from damage and help to restrengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments. Using special orthotic heel cup technology these insoles also help to improve the way that your feet and ankles function by stabilizing and repositioning your foot into a more natural and correct position as well as prohibiting motion that could otherwise cause damage and injury.

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5-7, 8-11

2 reviews for Shock absorbing memory foam insoles

  1. Emi

    Recently I got plantar fasciitis the reason was because I suffer from flat feet. If you have flat feet you need something to give my arches some extra support to get rid of the excessive and unnatural load placed on your plantar fascia tissue. I am really glad to say that these insoles gave me the exact support that I ended. I no longer suffer from aches and pain in my feet because of theses insoles which is such a relief and means I can go back to running and playing football again. I have zero complaints, which means these get 5stars from me!

  2. Josh

    I prefer wearing these insoles over wearing other brands because they really help to relive foot pain which I get when I go out running. The shock absorption is really good as it protects your feet from just about all shock even if you are walking on super hard surfaces for long periods. The arch support is also excellent and helps to take strain off your arches something that I really need because I have flat feet. I would definitely recommend giving a pair of these insoles a try, as they are by far the best I have worn.

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