Shoewawa Foot Micro pedi Hard skin remover

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The Shoewawa hard skin remover pedi spin is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of hard skin on your feet.


  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Effortlessly removes dry hard skin from your feet.
  • Leaves your skin perfectly smooth and soft after just 1 use!
  • Light weight and compact design means that this micro pedi can be taken with you anywhere!
  • Makes a perfect gift.
  • Leaves no mess! Collects skin shaving inside a small chamber that can easily be then dispensed into a bin when you have finished using the micro pedi.
    Comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee meaning that if you are not 100% satisfied with your new hard skin remover you can simply return it to us within 30 days of receiving the item to receive a full refund including all postage costs. How good is that!

What is callus skin and how to remove it?
If you suffer from hard skin building up undeneath your feet then you are not alone because upto 65% of people suffer from this problem!
The skin on our feet is different to skin found elsewhere on our bodies, as it’s developed to hold up against the day to day stresses and pressures that are put on our feet throughout the day. Often continuous pressure and friction which can occur from wearing poorly fitted shoes or simply from being on your feet all day can cause hard dead skin to build up on the soles of your feet and heels.

The best way to take care of hard dead skin is to on a regular basis remove the dead skin using a pedicure system!

Hard Callus skin on your foot is a region of skin that is much thicker than normal and has become hard. More often than not hard skin will appear yellowish in colour and may effect on various different regions of your foot such as your heel, ball of the foot and toes.
Callus hard skin is usually caused if there is excessive pressure or friction on the foot- the body attempts to defend itself from this pressure and friction by generating an extra layer of skin.

It isn’t always required to remove hard skin as it usually does not pose a major health risk however some individuals do not like the way that the hard skin look and find that it to be uncomfortable when wearing certain types of shoes. To prevent callus hard skin from returning you will need to make sure to prevent the pressure and friction that is causing the Callus skin to build up – a podiatrist maybe able to help you do this – and give you advise on how to get rid of the cause all together.

The Shoewawa micro pedi is a compact, lightweight and easy to use Hard Skin Remover that is extremely good at removing thick, hard skin! It’s specially designed to be easy and fast to use. Our micro pedi features safe blade technology that helps to ensure safe and sufficient removal of hard skin, the Shoewawa Hard Skin Remover allows you to get perfect soft feet.


3 reviews for Shoewawa Foot Micro pedi Hard skin remover

  1. Kelly

    This foot pedi is absolutely amazing and has made my feet so soft! It is by far the best one I have tried and I have tried pretty much everyone!

  2. Sara

    Like a lot of people I suffer from dry callus skin on the bottom of my feet.. not only is this skin extremely ugly but also can get really sore. I have tried many different pedi spins such as the scholl express pedi which really did do it for my feet as it was extremely weak and hardly removed any of the dead skin. This one however is a lot more powerful and gets the job done in half the time. I really like how it sucks up all the bits and so you don’t have to worry about dead skin going all over your carpet. The only negative thing that I can think of about this foot pedi is that it doesn’t come with batteries, but that’s only a minor thing and overall this is one of the best foot pedi’s that I have ever used. Thank you!

  3. Kate A

    If you are thinking about buying any super expensive foot file then think again because this is a third of the price of the expensive brand ones but is a lot more powerful and will last a lot longer. Iv had lots of different micro pedi systems in the past, some expensive and some that were a lot cheaper but I can safely say this is the best I have used on my feet. I have had mine a couple months now and have not looked back since getting it, it is just fantastic! It easily glides around my foot and just takes a couple minutes for my feet to be super lovely and smooth.

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