Shoewawa Heel grips

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Shoes too big? Stop your feet from slipping around in your shoes with a pair of these Shoewawa heel grips!

  • 1X heel grips (1 left and 1 right.)
  • Made from soft suede material that does not irritate the skin when worn.
  • Helps to prevent blisters! If your feet move around inside your shoes this can cause friction which can cause the layers of your skin to separate and fill with liquid. Heel grips help to keep your feet from moving around and stop blisters from developing.
  • Soft suede designed to help stop your shoes digging into your heel and ankle.
  • Can be easily fitted to just about any type of shoe!
  • Helps to stabilize your heel inside your shoes and prevent twisting and spraining your ankle.

Not 100% satisfied with your new heel grips? No problem, you can simply send them back to us within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.


Product Description

Have you bought a new pair of shoes or high heels that look great but unfortunately are too big and cause your feet to slip around in them? Not only is this problem annoying it can also cause a number of foot problems to develop such as blisters and dead hard skin to form on the sides of your feet and toes, bunions to form on your toe joints and even cause hammer toe deformities. Luckily a pair of these heel grips can help. These heel grips are designed to stick to the back of you heel stabilizing your heel and stopping your foot from moving around in your shoes. Made from soft suede that is light weight, durable and perfect at stopping your shoes irritating and rubbing against the back of your heel. These heel grips can also help correct ankle instabilities as well as support and ease pressure off your Achilles tendon when you walk. Whether you wear high heels, boots, flat or running shoes, it really doesn’t matter as these heel grips can be worn with virtually any type of shoes imaginable. Come with a full 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose when buying!

5 reviews for Shoewawa Heel grips

  1. Amy

    These do exactly what they are meant too! I have not slipped once in my shoes with these in them. Really soft and do not irritate my heels at all when wearing. Plus unlike other grippers that I have used the adhesive doesn’t just peel off after a while wearing them.

  2. Kelly

    I have diabetes so I need to look after my feet the best I can. One way I do this is to wear these heel grips inside my shoes to stop my feet from slipping and rubbing against my shoes causing blisters and bunions. These do the job just perfectly!

  3. Kate Brigg

    These heel grips are the best I have used. They are are super soft and always keep my feet in place. I don’t actually think I have slipped even once in my shoes with these inside in them, that just proves how good they are. For £1.99 these are an absolute bargain and a must buy for any pair of shoes if you ask me. Why risk not investing £1.99 in a pair and then slipping in your high heels and spraining your ankle?

  4. Kerry J

    My feet used to rub against the sides of my shoes like crazy this caused me to get blisters and hard dead skin on my feet and toes all the time.. but now I wear these in my shoes I don’t have this problem any more. They keep my feet in place and the soft padding on them actually make my shoes feel a whole lot more comfy, really glad I found these 🙂

  5. Sar

    Recently I bought some really amazing high heels which really suited me but annoying they were just a little bit too big for me and meant my feet would slip around in them. I really didn’t want to return them because they were in the sale and didn’t have any smaller sizes. So decided to grab a pair of these heel grips to see if they would help. Which they did! Now my high heels are the perfect fit. So happy!

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