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Help to support and look after your feet when playing sports by wearing a pair of FootReviver sports insoles. These insoles can be quickly and easily fitted into just about any type of sports trainer or running shoe. They will help to support key parts of your foot and prevent common overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis when playing sports.


  • Ideal for wearing during high impact sports
  • These insoles have added arch support to help take some of the strain off your arches when walking or running.
  • Perfect for those with high arches and flat feet and who are prone to biomechanical imbalances such as overpronation.
  • Our insoles use orthotic technology to correctly support and position your feet during the gait cycle to help correct biomechanical imbalances in your feet such as over pronation and under pronation helping you to avoid foot injuries.
  • The best insoles for standing around in! Designed to help eliminate heel and foot pain associated with being on your feet all day. These insoles do this by preventing the build-up of pressure under your feet by spreading weight evenly across your foot.
  • Super lightweight and can be fitted into just about any type of shoe you can think of!
  • Help to absorb shock. Made out of EVA material that has special shock absorbing properties to help stop shock from damaging your feet and lower limbs whilst wearing them.
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3 reviews for FootReviver™ Sports insoles

  1. Mike P

    Finally some insoles that actually absorb shock for once! I have tried tons and tons of different insoles from various websites that have all said that they absorb shock but in reality they didn’t at all.. these are the only ones that I have worn that actually do! They make running so much better for me because afterwards your feet don’t feel as though they have taken a massive beating they just feel normal.

  2. Mathew

    I actually couldn’t imagine running without these insoles because they are simply that good! I used to suffer from really bad aches in my feet and heels but now my feet feel great no matter how hard I push myself running.

  3. David

    The shock absorption on these insoles is just second to none. Before I would feel all the little bumps and shocks when I went out running but now with a pair of these inside my shoes I don’t feel anything which is great because now I can run for a lot longer before my feet even slightly hurt. If you haven’t already bought a pair I would strongly suggest you do. They are blooming brilliant!

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