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These are a really good pair of all-purpose insoles that will help to correct the biomechanical balance in your feet and lower limbs and help to prevent and treat common injuries that so often afflict walkers.

Pros: -Corrects common gait problems such as over-pronation and supination -Protects your feet and lower limbs against shock -Metatarsal support pad helps ease metatarsalgia -Heel cup improves balance and stability and eases heel pain -Built from medical grade durable and shock resistant materials -Lightweight so they won’t weight down your walking boots.

Cons: -Not the best arch support.

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  1. I'm always on the trail and I love it but all this walking has come at a cost... my feet are in real bad shape. Sick and tired of my feet hurting all the time I desperately searched for some good insoles to help. I finally found these and they have helped immeasurably now my feet don't hurt anywhere near as much after a good trail. They have superb shock absorption and support my feet really well. If only I started wearing these before I started trailing... my feet would be in a lot better shape!

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