Shock Absorbing Insoles for aches and pains (4/7)

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If you are looking for the very best shock absorption then get these! These insoles are perfect for those with low to medium arched feet and love sport. They offer a little less arch support than our plantar fasciitis insoles but are lightweight, have excellent shock absorbing properties and have flexible soles that adapt to just about any surface making them perfect for running. These insoles are also pretty good at pronation control which will help to prevent your feet from falling into a position that could cause damage to them during the gait cycle. With built-in heel cup that supports your foot improving your stability and preventing pressure from building up underneath your heels means that you can be on your feet for as long as you want without worrying about heel or foot ache.


  • Excellent shock absorption that helps to prevent shock from damaging your feet whilst you run
  • Heel cup helps to support your heel and prevent pressure from damaging your heels
  • Breathable holes ensure air is circulated around your feet helping to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry
  • Can be fitted inside just about any type of running shoes
  • Super durable and will stand the test of time


  • Do not give your feet as much arch support as the plantar fasciitis insoles do

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