Adjustable Gel Heel lifts: Best For Achilles Tendonitis (9/9)

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If you are looking for some inserts that are compact, discrete and lightweight that will also provide you with great arch support then these shoe lifts maybe for you. Made from silicone gel these insoles are also great at protecting your feet from shock and easing aches and pains if you are on your feet for long periods at a time. Not only will they help to keep to stop you from getting plantar fasciitis they will also give you a little height boost too!

These heel lifts are the perfect choice if you are suffering from heel or Achilles pain. These heel lifts will help to reduce tension and pressure on your Achilles heel helping with your recovery! A cheeky added bonus of wearing these heel lifts is that they will also increase your height!


  • Increases your height by 1.5inches
  • Height can be easily adjusted using layer stack system to find the right height for your needs.
  • Used by people wanting to make themselves look taller to give them more confidence.
  • Discrete and can be fitted inside just about any type of shoes.
  • Ideal for correcting leg length discrepancies and Achilles tendinitis
  • Inbuilt arch support helps to prevent arch strain and plantar fasciitis
  • Honeycomb gel absorbs shock and cushions your feet
  • The added heel cup technology that these shoe lifts give you will provide you with more stability and balance when you wear them inside your shoes.


  • Only supports your heel and arch

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  1. These are good, I like how they make me a little bit taller and how they support my heel but it should be said they aren’t a replacement for proper insoles. That is why I only wear them in my normal shoes every once in awhile and use proper insoles inside my running shoes.

  2. I had really bad Achilles Tendonitis decided to buy these after my friend suggested them to shorten my Achilles tendon to help ease my pain… THEY WORK GREAT! Get zero pain now.

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