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If you have flat feet and need some support, lightweight, flexible and long lasting sports insoles then these might be the right choice for you. Featuring Footreviver arch support technology that will keep your feet in the right place when you run and walk you will no longer have to worry about injuring your feet when you play sports and instead can focus on the game!

These insoles are perfect if you have flat feet and want to give them a little bit of extra protection and support to stop yourself from getting plantar fasciitis. They feature rigid arch support that helps to take as much strain as possible of the plantar fascia ligament. Orthotic compression technology added to these insoles have been designed to help stop your feet from pronating too much during the gait cycle making them perfect for preventing and treating overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis. With added shock absorbing memory foam layer that helps to protect the sole and heel of your foot from damaging shock that occurs when you walk. These insoles will also cup around your foot and heel stabilizing it These insoles will also help to stabilize your heel and prevent heel instability and ankle problems with can cause injury to your foot and lower limbs.


  • Made from the very best durable materials so that the insoles last longer.
  • Perfect for runners and athletes who have flat feet and put their feet through a lot of pressure and shock.
  • Lightweight and nonbulky design means these insoles can be quickly fitted into just about any type of shoes you can think of!
  • Rigid arch support makes sure strain doesn’t damage your plantar fascia and keep your foot in a more natural and safe position when you walk.
  • Orthotic compression ensures your feet do not overpronate or supinate when you walk and help to boost blood flow to your feet aiding with the healing process.
  • Made to be breathable and from odor eating material that prevents the build-up of bacteria helping to keep your feet feeling super fresh all day long.
  • Heel cup technology gives your feet and ankle more stability and helps to spread pressure underneath your heal stopping pressure from harming your feet.


  • A thin sole means that it is not the best at absorbing shock.

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  1. I have a pair of these inside my new running shoes. Before I bought them I was suffering from really bad foot pain but now I don’t have to suffer anywhere near as much. They are really lightweight and have really good shock absorption, which is really good if you are running or playing sports wearing them. The arch support that they give you is okay but not the best as it is a little flat. So, if you are looking for insoles primarily for the arch support I wouldn’t go for these ones..but if you play a lot of sports and suffer from ball of foot pain, shin splints and knee pain then id buy these if I was you.

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